A Very Covid Thanksgiving

A Very Covid Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to take this time to share a poem with you that I have written, to help my children understand that hope is alive, that good things will come, that through understanding there will be awareness.

We hope you have a wonderful day today, and I hope this sparks a little thought and lends a little hope to you.

Thanksgiving 2020 is sure to be a most unusual day,

As many families give thanks in a new and innovative way.

2020 has brought so much change, heartache and fear,

The way forward has just not been clear.

Caused by a virus almost overnight,

The world shut down tight.


Isolation, quarantine,

Riots, murder, death, hate,

Climate change, dividing the people, frustration

Unemployment, domestic violence, human slavery,

All out of control…

Is it too late?


Or are we awakening just in time?

Is this mother nature’s Get-Up Call?

Is our higher power forcing us to see?

Is it time for us to rest, rewrite, rethink it all?

A second chance, can it be?


Life may look different for now,

This is a sacred season.

With the right mindset in tow,

We look around to find a reason.


There are many.


It can be found in our homes.

It can be found in our families.

It can be found in our hearts.

It can be found in our communities.


Our world is calling us to begin evolving,

To wake up and realize

If we have each other, we have it all.

We need to cut the ties

With jealousy, anger, greed, lust, and hating.


It is time to grow the bonds of our families,

Focus on our homes,

Heal our souls

Parent to child, partner to partner, human to human.


The Covid quarantine is giving us this opportunity.

It is changing our community.

It is forcing us to give our attention to our home life,

Our values, our habits were all filled with strife.


As we recognize where we have gone wrong,

We find those answers on how we can go right.

Though more shutdowns and uncertainty are ahead

There is one thing for sure that I know,

Hope is everywhere, there is still a lot of light.


9 months into the quarantine way,

We are blessed to celebrate a Thanksgiving Day.

We may have fewer people at our meal,

Giving us the chance to focus on immediate loved ones and heal.


Let’s be Thankful this year for all we do have,

Hope, love, health, knowledge to save,

Family, our connection to each other.

Learning to trust people in a new way,

To stay clean and healthy,

The opportunity to grow, to find strength in one another –

Uniting us together.

All because the Covid Quarantine changed our day. – Lindsey Kerns Malibu Mama Loves


From our home to yours, we hope you have an amazing and safe Covid Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for you.

Malibu Mama Loves Xx








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