7 Ways Self Love Will Change Your Life

7 Ways Self Love Will Change Your Life

Ways Self Love Will Change Your Life

At this point in our lives most of us have become very good at our relationships with other people – our family members, our children, our friends.

But how is our relationship with ourselves?

Do you remember to treat yourself the way you treat others? Do you take the time to let yourself know just how important you are?

As you know, when I came out of the darkness and into the light, my journey to love myself began and became the center of my emotional healing. I discovered that learning to love myself, to accept myself, to forgive myself for my faults was actually the secret to so much inner joy, peace and fulfillment that I had never allowed myself to experience before.

And it hit me like a ray of sunshine. We spend so much time focusing on our other relationships in order to get love that we ignore ourselves which removes our ability to share love. We get caught in trying to get, instead of trying to give. Because if we don’t love ourselves first, if we don’t treat ourselves well, than how can we possibly share and spread that love?

We can get so critical of ourselves and become overly competitive in things thinking this is the only way to success. But science is now telling us differently, and so is the way society is growing. Self-criticism is being replaced by self-compassion, and rightly so. Because self-criticism helps no one, but self-compassion can be a game changer.

7 Ways Self Love Will Change Your Life

  1. Your Health. When you practice self love, you take care of your body. You will eat better, you will exercise more, you will be more conscious of taking care of your body – because you know you are worth it.
  2. Your Relationships. When you respect and love yourself, others will too. We accept the love we think we deserve. So when we practice self love and set the standard to only accept high quality love and respect by sharing ours with others, than it will be returned upon you. Likewise, as we learn self love and become stronger, those relationships that are dragging us down quickly become a thing of the past.
  3. Your Happiness. The minute you decide to love and respect yourself, your happy will come flowing in! When you love someone, you do everything you can to make them happy, right? So it makes sense that when you truly love yourself, you will do anything to make yourself happy, right?! Share the love and pin this now – 7 Ways Self love will change your life
  4. Your Confidence. Once you realize and own that your faults are beautiful and your gifts and unique, your confidence will soar with self love, flooding you with pride and self-worth.
  5. Your Motivation & Drive. With self love, we know we can accomplish any task, that our potential is unlimited. We know we can do it and we do do it!
  6. Feel More Secure and Humble. With self love, you will appreciate your faults and celebrate your gifts as opposed to constantly comparing and tearing yourself up. Your insecurities will float away leaving you a very humble, stable mental landscape.
  7. Self love will set you free! Nothing can hold you back, your confidence and love will shine like a beacon giving you the freedom to create, be, experience, change anything that you desire. You will be free to be yourself, the best gift ever!!

So you see how it will change your life? Now check out these 14 self love activities that we all should start doing now!

Cheers and Happy Self Love – You Are Amazing!!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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