12 Weeks to a Flawless Fanny – Week 8

12 Weeks to a Flawless Fanny – Week 8

12 weeks to a flawless fanny

Today we are at Point Dume in Malibu, CA to workout.

Psss – this is the location used when they CGI’d Iron Man’s house!!!

And it is gorgeous up here! Just a short hike from the road and you will get some amazing views. I am so excited that you are able to join us today.

If you are joining us for the first time, start here!

If you have been with us from the start, please make sure you check with a doctor as to if these exercises are safe for you. Not every exercise works for every person!

Also don’t forget to stretch both before and after!

Drink plenty of water at any time to stay nice and hydrated.

The Butt Babe has worked weights AND supersets into this week’s workout routine. I have really noticed that adding the weights in changes the whole exercise. If you are doing these at home with us, use whatever weight you are comfortable with. And if you do not have weights, grab a couple of cans, or two filled spray bottles, the laundry detergent even all will help you get some of that resistance in your workout.

Squat jumps superseted with Sumo Squat – Begin with feet together. Squat sending your knees out towards your pinky toe. Then jump and spread your legs into a sumo position. Squat, jump and bring legs back together. Repeat 15x.

Squat with weighted arm push – Stand with legs shoulder width apart holding weight to chest. Squat and push the weight straight out. Lift. Repeat 15x.

Weighted Lunge – Put one weight in each hand, raise those arms as high as you can. Bring one leg forward into a lunge squat, return. Bring the other leg forward into a nice lunge squat, return. Repeat this 15x.

As you can see, it is ok to do each exercise to your bodies limit. Squat only as far as your body will allow, use weight that is right for you, and take your time.

Food Challenge – This week I am going to make 2 new vegetable stews, using 2 new vegetables my family will pick together at the Malibu Farmer’s Market this Sunday. What new veggies have you discovered?

Motivation –

Have a fantastic day!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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