22 Lessons I Learned in 2022

22 Lessons I Learned in 2022


Let’s be honest, 2022 has been a year filled with hopes, uncertain new ventures, discoveries and many hard lessons learned. With 2023 right around the corner, so too are the endless possibilities of success, growth and improvements.

With my eyes wide open and the freedom to be more authentic than ever, here are 22 lessons I learned in 2022.

22 Lessons I Learned in 2022

  1. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever, no matter how much you want them to be.
  2. Hard times show you who your true tribe is, and the real character of your tribe, allowing you to make necessary changes.
  3. No one cares about what you do until you reach some form of a milestone, it takes time to build something and it will happen when it is meant to. And when it does, they will notice, so keep going!
  4. Everything in moderation – including moderation!
  5. People pleasing will only leave you feeling empty and them feeling full.
  6. Exercise has an incredible power to make you feel better, bring you out of a funk and improve your mental health.
  7. The most judgmental people are often the most insecure people. Think about that for a sec… 22-lessons-i-learned-in-2022
  8. Miracles happen every single day, magic is alive everywhere.
  9. It’s ok to say no. It is actually even healthy to!
  10. When one door closes, another will open. Always. It may take a minute to see it, but it will be there.
  11. Every success begins with a single step. That first step is the hardest one to take, but also the most rewarding.
  12. Take healthy risks, don’t let your fears hold you back. Be open to the lessons these risks bring, major growth can happen there. Be fearless in the pursuit of your passions.
  13. Believe in yourself, always. Trust yourself first. Listen to your gut.
  14. Our failures are not so much fails as they are lessons on how not to do something, pushing us to find the right way. Open your heart to those lessons.
  15. Prayer and meditation can change everything.
  16. Kindness counts. As does respecting others, always. Even if they are not kind to you, take the high road – it is the only road to happiness.
  17. There is joy in every day, even if you have to force yourself to see it. Focusing on the positives, practicing gratitude can be a game changer.
  18. Some problems are actually opportunities in disguise. Perspective is everything.
  19. We can choose to be happy every day, just as we can choose to be angry. The choice is ours, every day.
  20. To let go of things that are not serving you. Learning to let go is hard, especially for me, but once you do it is so freeing and will keep you on your path to happiness.
  21. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable but necessary, so to are many things you may have to face in pursuit of your passions, so get comfortable with that idea now!!
  22. The only constant in life is change. It is scary, but true. 2022 brought so much change for myself and my family my head is still spinning! The lesson for me – I hear you life, you will not stop changing ever (and I’m kinda excited by that now!!).

Cheers! Here’s to an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 2023!!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

Author: malibumamaloves

I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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