5 Easy Ways to be a Conscious Parent

5 Easy Ways to be a Conscious Parent

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Children are different today than when we were young. What worked for our parents, is not working so well for us…

This new generation of children, our children, think differently than we did. They have access to things that I could not even imagine at their age. Our children are more sensitive to others and their surroundings while expecting respect, lengthy explanations and the right to negotiate… everything.

Parenting in today’s society is no easy assignment. We must be more conscious of how WE affect our children (and our environment too).

Study after study has shown us what the statics say is for the best, but what do our instincts say?

Here are 5 easy ways to be a conscious parent:

Easy Ways to be a Conscious Parent #1:

Remember that children are not born knowing everything, it is our job to guide and teach them! They want to be just like us so they will do everything we do (and yes, somehow, they hear EVERYTHING). Kids do not know we do not want food dumped on the floor or not to speak over other people or how to wait for their turn unless we teach them. Just by accepting this fact, you are well on your way to being a conscious parent!

Easy Ways to be a Conscious Parent #2:

Show them respect! Respect is the willingness to be thoughtful of or appreciative of someone and is something that must be earned, no matter the age. If you do not show your children some respect, they will never give you any. Constantly yelling and taking things away without explanation will backfire on you during the teen years as this is the type of behavior they are learning is permissible in your house. Don’t be shocked when that is how they treat you when they grow up. Instead, try viewing your child as a curious and courageous creature who is there for you to guide to a successful path; who, in turn, may teach you some incredible life lessons.

Easy Ways to be a Conscious Parent #3:

Listen! No matter how trivial it may seem to us, by being willing to listen to our children without judgement makes all the difference in the world to them. It gives them the positive affirmation that they are important to us (which boosts their self-confidence in a big way) and teaches them to value themselves.

Easy Ways to be a Conscious Parent #4:

Explain! I know it is a pain in the butt – this is what I struggle with – but it is super important. Take some time to explain to them why/how/where/what. By explaining things, you are not only nipping the 20 questions game in the bud, but you are teaching them how/why we make good, conscious choices with our life. Hopefully, they will grow to make good, responsible choices with their life.

Easy Ways to be a Conscious Parent #5:

Empower! Find ways to boost your children’s self-appreciation. Offer them choices, ask them to teach you something, always get down to their level (or raise them to yours) when having a serious talk are just a few ways to accomplish this. Even just making a few small efforts to help let them show themselves how great they are can create the biggest change in your child.

By being a Conscious Parent and providing our children with a supportive home environment in which they feel understood, valued, powerful, and loved, we are giving them the tools for a successful, happy, healthy future.

Now it’s your turn, what are your great tips for the Conscious Parent?

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