How To Raise A Big Thinker

How To Raise A Big Thinker

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Our children are our future, of course we want what is best for them.

But in today’s fast-paced, ever changing, interconnected global society, making the right choices can be really confusing. Let alone raising children while trying to figure it all out day to day and teaching them how to be conscious people… it’s hard to know what to do!

So, in my opinion, one of the best gifts we can give our children, one of the most important things we can teach them, is to be a big thinker.

What is a Big Thinker?

A big thinker is someone who looks at the whole world, not just their back yard. A big thinker is open to life’s little messages and the seeds of ideas they plant within us. A big thinker makes things happen.

As they grow and go off to college, a big thinker will have many life skills in place along with the confidence to implement them.

A big thinker is curious about everything and anything and is not afraid to find answers globally while offering the solutions they have already created.

How To Raise A Big Thinker

The good news is, as a conscious parent you already are raising a big thinker! By being aware and teaching our children to be aware, we are inspiring them to live sustainably, cleanly and happily.

The next step is to encourage their global curiosity. As our world is constantly shrinking, the international business doors are opening. Honestly, it is not as hard as you think to raise globally conscious kids. Try any of these easy tips!

5 Tips to Raise a Big Thinker

  1. Develop a global mindset with your children. A global mindset is defined as the ability to work successfully within different cultures, benefiting all of them in a sustainable way. As we evolve, it is becoming more imperative to be culturally sensitive both in the work force and within our homes. The kids are never to young to start learning about everything that is out there. This is how I set a global mindset in our home:
    • have fun learning about the different celebrations of other cultures and religions by making some of the appropriate traditional foods, listening to cultural music and taking family trips to such places
    • read books about other places in the world and discuss what life would be like there versus what we experience here
    • watch the world news at least 3 times a week and discuss at least 2 topics together
    • encourage them to read the newspaper or grab a subscription to my son’s favorite magazine Nat Geo Kids
    • if they are going to watch tv, motivate them to watch an appropriate documentary
    • when they are problem solving something, once they figure it out, ask them what they would have done in different cultural circumstances – this skill particularly will help them someday in the workforce.
  2. Teach them patience, empathy flexibility, independence and give them the ability to listen. I know, every parent’s nightmare… but it can be done!! Kids learn by example. So if we exhibit all of these skills, they will quickly learn them, simple as that. Of course they get crazy sometimes, so patience is something that every parent will have to master at some point. Because when we are patient with our children, when we can allow them to safely work it out, they will learn to be patient with others as they grow up. Which, as we know is a virtue… right?!
  3. Learn a second language together (or at least sign them up for one!). It is the gift of communication, one of the most precious things out there. Studies show just how much easier it is for kids to learn a language as opposed to adults. Get them started as soon as possible!
  4. Host an exchange student. We had several stay with us as I grew up. It was always an incredible experience and something I can’t wait to do with my kids soon! Everyone learns so much about each other’s cultures!
  5. Travel more! Ok, you had to be expecting this one from me! But seriously, family travel is one of the best ways to raise globally aware conscious children. Read more on the benefits of family travel here.

It is really fun and inspiring to raise globally aware conscious kids and with the world growing in the way it is, I know we are giving them the tools they will need to survive and thrive as an adult!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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Conscious Parenting: How to Raise Big Thinkers


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