5 Reasons Why You Should Travel During Labor Day Weekend

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel During Labor Day Weekend

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel During Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is a bittersweet long weekend. On a sad note, it signals the end of summer, on a good note the beginning of fall – one of my favorite seasons, while celebrating all of the social and economic progress our American workers have made to better our country by increasing our quality of living. Clearly the good outweighs the bad here so…

My friends, this is not the weekend to sit at home! It is the perfect time to get up and get out there! What better way to honor all of our laborers than by going out and appreciating all of things they have made and do? Let’s say goodbye to summer 2017 with a bang and hello to fall 2017 with a boom!

If you are a procrastinator (like me 😉 ), not to worry.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should travel during Labor Day this year:

  1. To stop and appreciate life for a second. I mean, that is the whole message of Labor Day, isn’t it – appreciating the people who do all of the hard work it takes to make our lives comfortable and safe? Whether you are a stay at home parent on duty 24 hours a day or a working parent on duty 24 hours a day, it is equally important to take a break from our day-to-day routines and the best way to do that is to travel. Travel let’s us see things in a whole new light, reinvigorating our passions, reminding us to appreciate what we have and all that we have accomplished as a society.
  2. To remember what carefree feels like! Getting out of the house for a bit, not having to do all the stuff we feel inclined to do when we are home and letting your hair down for a bit, as they say, feels great! We all need that sometimes and Labor Day Weekend is a great time to get it!
  3. To refresh ourselves. Life can get monotonous if we let it. Stepping out of it and inviting a little magic of the unknown in by taking a family trip, doing something different and new or something you know you love and makes you feel good is important to our overall balance.
  4. To set a good example for our children. Taking a trip during Labor Day Weekend, disconnecting from your regular world and focusing on your family and friends sets a great example helping your children to learn how to live a balanced life. Check out this post on why I want to show the world to my children.
  5. To reconnect with your family. Travel gives you so many opportunities to bond with your children and/or mate. A long weekend away will reconnect you through love of a common activity, the effort to plan said activity and laughter at the silly things that happen along the way.

Whether you are thinking about a long weekend away, a day trip or even just having an all-day celebration with friends, I hope you decide to get up, get out and get away for a bit!

I hear the beach calling you…

Cheers and safe travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx

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