Why I Hope To Show The World To My Children

Why I Hope To Show The World To My Children

show the world to my children

Even though it is a rainy day here in #Malibu, it is beautiful and peaceful.

The kids are off to school, the hubby and I are working; each of us looking forward to gathering for dinner tonight to all speak of our day at once!

Our intentions are good when we start off the day, but we quickly become distracted with work and then become taxi cabs for our children’s plans, chefs to keep them fed and personal assistants to keep the kids “on-track”. But we are parents, right? This is what it is supposed to be like?

It can be so easy to get lost in this simple conveyor belt of life pattern, every day. Realistically, we are spending most of our time apart from each other or sleeping. Peacefully, in beautiful surroundings, but apart, or asleep.

Sure, we are loading up the 401ks and education funds and on the weekends and evenings we see each other – in between sports practices, maintaining our houses, catching up with friends or our mates, exercising…

We have become a culture of asset collecting, retirement preparers who have forgotten to appreciate what we have right now in our hands. Yes, planning is important, but over-planning will have you missing out on all of life’s little surprises.

This is why I hope to show the world to my children. #Familytravel

  1. To force all of us to slow down and enjoy life’s little surprises.
  2. To bring history to life for my children, and hopefully other’s with our upcoming Mama Loves Family Travel webisode series.
  3. To show them that it is ok to put things on hold for a year and be together, learn together, explore together – LIVE a little!
  4. To teach them team work, patience, invaluable problem solving skills, friendship making skills, bonding (Yes, travel teaches all of this!).
  5. To share culture, hear new sounds, smell new smells, see new sights – EXPERIENCE.

There are so many reasons to travel with your children.

My goal is to show the world to my children.

What is yours?

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

Happy Kids, Inc.
Family Travel Friday

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are speaking my language! First, you have described our routine to a “t,” and it was exactly that routine that prompted us to take a year off to travel as a family. I can’t say that our routine has changed much since we’ve been back, but the time away together offered us some incredible family bonding time, and memories of that time get us through the tough times back home.

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