5 Tips for Holiday Travel

5 Tips for Holiday Travel

5 tips for holiday travel

I always look forward to heading home for the holidays. Even though that means battling EVERYONE else heading home for the holidays!

I’m a few years into this holiday travel thing and have figured out how to make it really not so bad!

Here are 5 Tips for Holiday Travel

1st Tip for Holiday Travel

Avoid it if you can! It is cheaper and usually easier to fly a few days before school lets out and to return a day after school is back in session. The airports are less packed (ok, only slightly) but it does make a difference. Our teachers will send home whatever work the kids will miss and I have them do it on the plane ride then turn it in for full credit upon return. Whenever possible, we #travel this way.

2nd Tip for Holiday Travel

Wear slip-on shoes, and choose your travel jewelry carefully so as to get through security faster. Choose an outfit that does not require a belt (they can be a pain at security). Dress your little ones accordingly.

3rd Tip for Holiday Travel

Be Merry! Nobody really wants to be traveling or working during the holidays. By being pleasant and complimentary to people who are either working or standing in line with you, you can change their energy and they in turn will be more kind to you! Trust me, it will make a far better experience for you if are kind to others.

4th Tip for Holiday Travel

Use a checklist! There is sooo much to remember around the holidays. Try writing it all down on a checklist to make sure you have it! This will save you many steps. Be sure to keep all travel arrangement information and phone numbers handy for any mishap (I like to store them on my phone so I have it at all times).

5th Tip for Holiday Travel

Pay it forward! This season, if you are fortunate enough to be able to travel to family and friends – let’s not forget so many people who cannot be with their loved ones – then pay it forward. Buy the person in front of you their cup of coffee, bring a bagel or a bag of doughnuts to the homeless person sitting in the train station, compliment an airline attendant instead of complaining or thank the janitor for keeping the floors so clean. Try walking into a local toy store in the city which you are traveling and ask to pay someone’s layaway. I’m sure you can find some way to do something kind for someone who least expects it – little or small.

What are your great holiday travel tips?

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