5 Tips To Keep A Conscious Mindset During The Covid Holidays

5 Tips To Keep A Conscious Mindset During The Covid Holidays

5 Tips To Keep A Conscious Mindset During The Covid Holidays

The holidays are indeed upon us and as with everything in 2020, I’m sure they will prove to be most unusual for sure. With Thanksgiving just days away, many people’s plans are still up in the air, confused as to how to create a special day for our families in this strange new normal of Covid Quarantine. Maintaining a conscious mindset can be hard, but it is entirely possible!

The memes have been entertaining, the news has been frightening, but the reality… well, to be honest, really isn’t so bad.

The fact is that Covid is here to stay. It does not mean life is over, it just means we need to adapt, grow our mindset, and change our habits.  If we adopt a commonsense approach to Covid, take the necessary precautions and are smart NOW, then hopefully by 2021 Thanksgiving holiday season things will go back to how they once were.

For now, with the quarantine and pandemic in full swing, here are a few ideas on how you can keep a conscious mindset during the covid holidays and still be able to celebrate, creating differently good memories we will never forget.

5 Tips To Keep A Conscious Mindset During The Covid Holidays

  1. Create a positive mindset. Be honest with yourself, accept our new circumstances, use your common sense when planning. This year, we will have smaller gatherings and that is ok. Instead of being upset about who you can not be in person with, try being thankful for those you can be with. Stay in your small cohorts, keep very clean and appreciate the fact that we have so much. Focus on what we do have and what we can do. Your mindset is very important, the power of positive works.
  2. Change your expectations. It is a fact that Covid is here and spreads easily between us. Things must change, therefor so must our expectations to give us a conscious mindset. Expect to take a break this Thanksgiving from a huge gathering, reframe the day in your mind ahead of time, then get excited for this new way. If you are having a few guests, give them the heads up that things will be a little different this year. The more communication and acceptance of the changes that need to be made, the more chances you will have that your holiday will be a success.
  3. Keep your guard up. Make sure to go over with your guests and those who live with you how best to stay protected. Try preserved sit down dinners as opposed to buffet’s. Consider getting tested and asking guests to get tested as well before coming together. Have food ready upon arrival, sitting at a table with some space is better than cocktails and shared appetizers at this time. Think about getting a projector and playing a movie or the big game outside in the backyard to give more space. With a conscious mindset, there are plenty of ways to still have fun while keeping yourself protected.
  4. Encourage honesty and proactive protective communications. Be understanding when family members and friends decline to come over or if you need to decline an invitation. It is ok and is important for each of us to live how we are comfortable as well as to respect each others choices. There are plenty of ways to connect, let’s do our best not to pressure others into our own belief’s and to encourage each other to make choices that feel right for each of us.
  5. Appreciate! In a year when we have lost so many people and everything is changing as we know it, how lucky are we that we are still able to at least have a meal, zoom and connect with our loved ones, have access to clean water and food, have comfortable homes. Focusing on what we do have will help us keep a conscious mindset during the covid holidays!


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