5 Ways To Make Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

5 Ways To Make Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

5 Ways To Make Mom Feel Special on Mother's Day

How often do we take our moms for granted? I know I still do, she is my rock and I don’t know what I would do without her. Yet, I don’t let her know that enough. Just like my kids rarely show me… lol!

It is easy to forget just how much Moms do for us every day. So when the opportunity arises to show them how much they mean to us, we need to grab it! Given how much they do on a regular basis, the perfect Mother’s Day, in my opinion, is one that blends some family time planned by the family for mom with some much needed yet rarely gotten mom alone time.

No matter what your budget is, there are so many ways to make mom feel special on Mother’s Day that it can be overwhelming on how to pick the right one. So let me give you a hint to get you started: The most important way to make mom feel special is to acknowledge her, to appreciate her in some way that brings a smile to her face, a song to her heart and leaves her feeling like a queen; to look her in the eye and say “Thank you”.

Check out these ideas to help inspire your own conscious ways to make mom feel special on mother’s day.

5 Ways To Make Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

  1. Go Homemade. Frame a handmade for mom picture, make a card, create a craft. Spending time creating something just for her will make her feel better than anything else, and it will be something she keeps forever. Two of my favorite ideas are:
    1. make a bouquet of paper flowers, each with something you love about your mom written on it, held together in a pretty mason jar with a ribbon wrapped around it.
    2. Decorating a mason jar or baby food jar and putting a candle in it. Pinterest is filled with great DIY crafts for mom, check here.
  2. Cook AND clean for her. Surprise mom with breakfast in bed, but make it even better for her when she is finished by cleaning the kitchen up! If you really want to shock her, do some of the regular daily household chores that she is used to doing – that is the best gift ever!! But seriously, draw a nice bath for her after breakfast, tell her to go for a walk, give her a good book or ask her to do whatever she would like for a bit, shut the door and give her a couple of hours of peace while you take over some of her household jobs!
  3. Plan a special brunch. Going out for brunch is one of my favorite things to do. It is fun, it is always delicious and it gives us a chance to connect with our family without the stress of cooking, plating and cleaning! If you are in our neck of the woods, The Malibu Café and The Malibu Beach Inn both do exceptional Mother’s Day menus and are tons of fun to go to. Enjoy a nice walk together afterwards!
  4. Send Mom to the spa! Nothing makes a girl feel like gold more than a spa afternoon! Brunch or breakfast in bed with the kids then off to the spa for a couple of hours may well be one of the best ways to spend Mother’s Day! Just make sure you have dinner plans all set for the perfect way to really make mom feel special and relaxed on Mother’s Day.  5 Ways To Make Mom Feel Special on Mother's Day
  5. Surprise her with a weekend away. This time, you plan the trip! Take care of every detail and surprise her with a mini holiday planned just for her in which she just has to show up and have fun! Here are my tips for planning travel online, check them out. There is still plenty of time and lots of last minute travel deals to be found. The sky is the limit so don’t be shy. Let your mom know how special she is with the gift of your time, attention and taking her somewhere she will love!

So now your conscious, creative juices are flowing! Share in the comments your great ideas to make mom feel special on Mother’s Day and let’s spread the love!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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