How to Use the Internet to Plan Your Next Family Trip

How to Use the Internet to Plan Your Next Family Trip

how to use the internet to plan your next family trip

The planning part of your next family trip can be the roadblock that holts you in your tracks. You come up with a great idea of a new place to visit, but then all of the details get too complicated so you quickly talk yourself out of taking that trip.

If this sounds familiar, then I have some great news for you!

Thanks to the internet, now planning for your family travel time is easier than ever!

Here are my 5 Easy tips on How to Use the Internet to Plan Your Next Family Trip

  1. My first tip on how to use the internet to plan your next family trip is to jump on pinterest and start a board on the location you will be visiting. Once the board is made, search the name of the place you will be visiting. Start with pinning both a state or country map and a local map of where you will be going. Next check out what kind of accommodations are available and pin your top 5 places you would like to stay. Then have fun looking at the different activities that are available and pin the ones you would really like to do.
  2. There are lots of great apps that are there to help you get your flights, hotels and car rentals booked. I keep an eye on flight sales with Airfarewatchdog, an app that emails me all great flight deals out of my home airport. Expedia is what I use to book flights, hotels and car rentals, with one simple search they can get you the best prices on all 3! I also love AirBnb for family travel, it is a great way to get a more local flavor of your destination.
  3. Once the travel and accommodations are booked, continue researching. Google has the answer to almost everything and is the best way how to use the internet to plan your next family trip. So google the location, read up on the travel blogs of both locals and people who have already been there and check out Trippy. This is a very cool app for travelers that allows you to ask a travel question publicly that will be answered by other travelers who have been there or the locals of your destination. Be sure to pin things that you have found onto your trip board to keep all of your information in one place.
  4. Read the reviews. This is an important tip and is the reason why all of us travel writers do what we do. There is a lot of information out there – make sure you read the reviews for the activities you are interested in so you know what to expect. Just make sure the reviewer is reputable and not just someone with a grudge leaving a review. You can do this by looking at their profile and checking out some of their other reviews.
  5. My 5th tip on how to use the internet to plan your next family trip is to create your itinerary. I like to use TripIt, an app that helps you keep all of your travel plans/arrangements in one place. If you are traveling with friends, TripIt will allow you to share your itinerary with others, you can even create an itinerary together. If you are wanting to book some tours or activities, Vayable is the site to visit. They have tours and adventures available for booking in almost every location in the world! Just be sure not to over schedule yourself – you will want to leave some time to relax! 😉

Family Travel Tip – No matter how you create your itinerary, make sure to have access to all flight information, confirmation numbers and emergency info AT ALL TIMES when traveling. You can do this via email to your phone or print everything out and carry it in a folder. Either way, don’t leave home without this information handy.

I bet you will be able to do all of this in just a few hours! Planning that trip is way easier than you thought, right?

Especially when you know how to use the internet to plan your next family trip!

How do you use the internet to plan for your travel?

Malibu Mama Loves Xx



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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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