7 Conscious Tips To Help You Survive The Covid-19 Quarantine

7 Conscious Tips To Help You Survive The Covid-19 Quarantine


Most of us have been home in Covid-19 quarantine for a week now and I believe this is just the beginning. Covid-19 is real and we must protect ourselves and those that we love.

Some of us are embracing being at home, some of us are freaking out from it. Either way, change can be scary and hard.

Thankfully we have the internet, a safe easy way to stay connected to each other from a safe distance. At least our children can still learn remotely, just in a new way. At least we can still work remotely, just in a new way. At least we still have access to food and necessities, running water, electricity.

The Covid-19 quarantine is calling us to change our ways. To become more conscious of what we are doing and why. With that in mind, here are 7 conscious tips to help you survive the Covid-19 Quarantine.

7 Conscious Tips To Help You Survive The Covid-19 Quarantine

  1. Adopt a positive mindset. Our thoughts guide our behaviors. The power of positive shows us that if we think positive, things do go a bit smoother. By understanding that this is a time of growth and change for our world, that we will be home, that life is going to be different now; we have a better chance at successfully navigating this Covid-19 quarantine.
  2. Create a Covid-19 quarantine bucket list! This is great to do whether you are single, with a family or living with roommates. Create a list of all the things you can do during Covid-19 quarantine. Like cleaning out a closet, the garage, redecorating the living room, reading that book that has been next to your bed forever, researching that topic you keep meaning to, different new foods you want to cook, games you want to play. Be creative and have fun with it!
  3. Meditate or pray. Take some time each day to meditate or pray or both. Check in with your body and your higher power. Still your mind and focus on your breathe for a period of time each day. Studies show this will relieve stress and it works for us!
  4. Establish a cohort. A cohort is a small group of like-minded people. Put together a small group of trusted friends or family, less than 10 people and start a circle that you can continue to socialize with knowing where they have been. Only do this with trusted people.
  5. Exercise! Find new ways!! Believe it or not, amazon prime has some great free kids, adults, beginners, experts work out videos, yoga videos, dance videos… they have a bit of everything. So just because the gym is closed does not mean you get to lay on the couch all day!! Get up, get moving!
  6. Plant a garden. Growing our food is a great way to inspire new culinary adventures, provides a lot of entertainment as it grows (believe me tons of work goes into even the smallest garden) and will be something that makes you feel proud.
  7. Appreciate. Appreciate that we live in a time and country that when quarantine did happen, we still have a lot of comforts and are very blessed. Take some time to appreciate all that we have and have accumulated over the years.

There is plenty to do during this Covid-19 quarantine, it just takes a little positive thinking on our parts!


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