7 Reasons To Plant A Garden This Spring

7 Reasons To Plant A Garden This Spring


We love to look at them, we love to photograph them, we love to eat from them, we love the symbolism they bring to our lives; and planting them is pretty amazing too.

Planting a garden is a conscious act of hope, a step into acknowledging the power of positive. When you plant a garden you tell the universe that you believe you will be alive to harvest the produce, that you believe enough sun and rain will be given to make the plants grow, that you believe the world will continue on no matter all of the bad happening in it. Ever heard of the laws of attraction?! ????

Yes, I know they take a lot of work. But they are well worth it. We recently moved into a new home with a great backyard. There was a completely overgrown messy weed garden in the back. The kids and I had been waiting for a long time to be able to plant a lemon tree and a ton of different food to grow and eat. So when my parents came out for their first visit, we all set to work and together we planted a gorgeous herb garden, vegetable garden and a flower garden. And tending it has been really fun! Here is why!

7 Reasons to Plant A Garden This Spring

  1. Great tasting food! Our #1 reason. Tomatoes from the garden are like candy, cukes, beans, carrots, swiss chard… oh so so good. Drastically better than store bought. Read this post for a few reasons why, but food grown in your own garden just tastes so much better and is the best reason to plant a garden this spring.
  2. Safer, more nutrient rich foods. Studies show, as our bodies do, that organically grown food packs more nutrient power. In addition, ever notice how many spinach, broccoli, lettuce, veggie recalls there are? This won’t happen if you plant a garden in your backyard!
  3. Garden veggies stay fresher longer. When you plant a garden, the fruit and veggies from it last longer. You can freeze, can or dry them for use later in the year.
  4. Gardening is one of the best activities you can do outside. It is a great way for aging bodies and youthful ones to get a good aerobic workout. The fresh air you get will help balance your mood and the sense of accomplishment you get from caring for something that will grow and benefit you and the earth feels amazing. Whether you go it alone or enlist the help of your children, family or friends it is a great activity and provides a unique opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Sharing is caring – pin this! plant-a-garden
  5. Gardening stimulates all of your sense. It is a reason to get up and get outside. The smells, the sights, the feel, the sounds… it is all happening right there in your backyard. Plant a garden to naturally help fight depression and bring you out of your fears. Gardens strengthens our connection with nature, mother earth, and restores our sense of well-being.
  6. Sense of pride. It feels incredible, awe-inspiring when everything starts coming in and you see little sprouts > turn into leaves > turn into food > that can go right to your table. It is beautiful. It feels so good.
  7. You will eat better. There is nothing like fresh food right from the garden to your table. Plus, I found that we planted a ton of new things that had me looking for new recipes and herb pairings with cheeses and all kinds of fun things that we had grown. A garden really does broaden your horizons!!

Whether you live in the country or in the city; in a house, apartment, tent, mobile home or yurt – wherever, there is always a way you can plant a garden. And believe me, just like my kids and I, you will be really glad you did. We love gardening!

What are your great reasons to plant a garden?


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