7 Signs You Need A Break From Work

7 Signs You Need A Break From Work


The Covid-19 Quarantine has changed everything. Suddenly many are working from home who have never had to before with a whole lot more time on their hands.

Using some of that time to get work accomplished is great, but using all of that time can quickly cause us to burn out.

Not sure where you fall? Here are signs that you do need a break from work – even if you are at home!!

7 Signs You Need A Break From Work

  1. You start making small mistakes. When we work too much, our brains stop functioning optimally and start making small mistakes that you wouldn’t normally do. More typos, mixing up pages, recording wrong, putting salt in your tea instead of sugar… If you are making small mistakes all of sudden that are not normal to you this is a HUGE sign that you need a break from work!
  2. You are overwhelmed. So many of us single working parents suffer from this, and it means we need a break from work. Have you ever sat down to get started, looked at all you have to do yet can’t seem to focus on any one task to get started? That’s a sign you need a break from work!
  3. You are feeling grouchy. There comes a point where you start to lose your cool. If you have kids at home or the phone ringing starts to bother you or you become irritated at not being able to do something, you need a break from work!
  4. You wake up tired. If you are tired all of the time, you for sure need a break – longer than a few minutes! Try hanging up your work shirt for a couple of days to relax and rejuvenate. You will be more productive for it, many studies exist that have proven this.
  5. You are losing your focus. If you suddenly have a hard time focusing on things, this is a sure sign you need a break from work.
  6. You do not have any ambition or motivation. Reached a point where nothing seems worth doing? It’s called burnout and it happens. You definitely need a break from work.
  7. Your sleep patterns are off. If you are not sleeping well all of a sudden, this is a sign you need a break from work.

It can be tricky working from home, but it also can be extremely beneficial. It takes getting into the right mindset and being mindful of your needs as well as your brains ability.

If you resonated with any of these signs, I urge you to take a break. Get outside for a bit, exercise, cook something fun in the kitchen, watch a movie, take a road trip – whatever it is you love, set some time aside to do it and watch how much more productive you become!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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