9 Reasons to Visit Fiji in 2016

9 Reasons to Visit Fiji in 2016

9 reasons to visit fiji

In 2015 we took an epic second honeymoon trip to visit Fiji.

In 2016 we invite you to take that same journey.

Here are 9 reasons why a visit to Fiji will better your life!

9 Reasons to Visit Fiji in 2016

  1. The People! Everyone is so happy and friendly. Their good nature is contagious and within minutes of arriving in Fiji, you feel it.
  2. The Adventure! Fiji is a bit remote, donโ€™t forget! Anything can happen giving you a grand sense of adventure when visiting Fiji!
  3. The Romance! If the sunsets are not enough to set your heart on fire, check out the sunrises and/or let the resort treat you to a private, candlelit dinner! It is very easy to feel like you are the only two people on earth while traveling to Fiji and that can be very romantic.
  4. The Scuba Diving and Snorkeling! The underwater life is absolutely brilliant here and well worth the journey. From colorful reefs to majestic looking fish, there is so much to see underwater in Fiji.
  5. The Waterfalls and Rain Forests! They are breathtaking. Simply breathtaking. Some of the waterfalls even have natural pools at the bottom which you can swim in. The Rainforests are lush with life and color.
  6. To discover a more peaceful way of life. Fijians are very friendly and are quick to share stories about life with you. Spending time with them gives you a new perspective about how you live your own life.
  7. The Spa Treatments! The Fijian people have incredible skin. Visiting Fiji provides an opportunity for you to have a spa treatment and learn their beauty tricks and tips!
  8. The Sunsets! They are spectacular and something I am so grateful that I got to experience when in Fiji. Every night we would have drinks alone together and watch the sun set in one of the most gorgeous places on earth. H-E-A-V-E-N.
  9. Life is Short! So there is no time like the present to take the trip of a lifetime. Dare to do something you have been putting off for a long time. Use the internet and plan that trip to Fiji!

Ready to make that leap?

I canโ€™t wait to hear about your adventure!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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