A Review Of The Trauma Informed Coaching Certification Course With MTHS

A Review Of The Trauma Informed Coaching Certification Course With MTHS


I recently completed the Trauma Informed Coaching Certification Course with Moving The Human Spirit – the only ICF accredited trauma informed coaching certification process in the world.

After years of healing, learning, growing, sharing, I finally found a certification and a group of people that would change my life and allow me to be a part of changing your life.

It was really powerful and I want to share this journey with you.

I could say it started when I found them through a google search. But really, it started years ago, before I even knew it. I had many cycles of abuse to break and had withstood many forms of long-term traumas. For many years I was living on auto-pilot doing what I thought was expected of me.

Until I woke up one day to find myself in a deep depression just letting everything go around me. And my healing began. As I healed and took the time to address my inner child, my true purpose started to become clear.

I want to help other people heal their traumas, I want them to know that they are not alone. It was because I isolated myself for so long that my healing journey took that much longer and was that much harder. So I wanted to share that feeling of healing you can find within community.

I started to research certifications that would help me with this missive, and I found Moving The Human Spirit Trauma Informed Coaching Programs. I entered a message through their contact page (here) and Susan got back to me within minutes.

About Moving The Human Spirit

The founding owners, Brad and Susan, are both well-trained and experienced in the world of trauma healing. Together they have created a robust schedule of courses to certify others in trauma informed coaching and are currently the only ICF accredited trauma informed coaching certification process in the world.

They are smart, kind, caring individuals who are dedicated to teaching others how to share their healing processes.

I started off with the Trauma Informed Basics Coaching program. You can read more about my experience in that course here. I learned so much about coaching in this class. It was very focused on holding a safe and open, non-judgmental, space for people to realize just how resourceful they are and guide them on their journey to healing.

It was an invaluable course. I met some of the most interesting people, as students hailed from all around the world creating an awesome network of healers. The instructors were amazing.

About The Trauma Informed Coaching Certification

I next went onto the Trauma Informed Coaching Certification course. This was intense. I won’t lie. They give a lot of information, fast and efficiently. I learned so much here.

From continuing to develop skills on holding the coaching space for clients, to the neuroscience behind the trauma, to the steps to certification with ICF and how they work, to a client’s values and belief systems, to sharing that we are all resourceful, how to guide someone in the trauma healing process – this course touches on almost everything.

A week before the course begins, they send you the workbook for the course which is just under 200 pages and probably will be one of my favorite go-to guides for the rest of my days! It is packed with super impactful information that they go over during class. There is space for you to put your notes right on there and the environment during class is very inviting – everyone seemed to feel really comfortable sharing/asking/challenging.

Also, Moving The Human Spirit keeps the class recordings up for the duration of the course in case you missed anything.

Again, we had students from all over the world and it was so refreshing and motivating to interact with everyone. I love how MTHS has class over zoom and we are all able to talk to each other. The instructors were so open, and the conversations were so interesting.

This is a very user-friendly course that is filled with so much great information.

Are you ready to start helping others heal? Reach out to Susan today here or at [email protected]!

This course is a game changer!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx

Author: malibumamaloves

I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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  1. Hello… I’m thinking about a certification in trauma-informed coaching. I am a mom to two adopted boys with trauma, one that was diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder; which resulted in anger, anxiety, and violence. He is an adult now and has overcome so much of his trauma! We wrote a book about our journey in 2019; I did a TEDx in 2020; and last year I launched my nonprofit to help families like mine. We offer education, support, and resources to help parents better connect with their kids and find ways to help them heal. Please let me know how this works, pricing, etc. I’m hoping for something online. Thanks!

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    • You sound amazing Gina, thank you for all that you do! MTHS is one of the best certifications you can receive. The courses are all online and taught by outstanding coaches in the trauma world. I highly recommend it and think you would be an excellent candidate. Please contact them soon!! I think their next session starts in March. Good luck!!

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