My Experience With Moving The Human Spirit TICB Course

My Experience With Moving The Human Spirit TICB Course


Recently I started on a new journey with Moving The Human Spirit in their Trauma Informed Coaching Basics (TICB) course. I have found it to be such an incredible, life-changing experience that I can not wait to take their Trauma Informed Coaching Certification course starting next week to get more in depth on trauma coaching.

But first, I want to share my experience with this course with you. It was so packed with power and invaluable information, paired with irreplaceable coaching experience opportunities, I want you to be able to see from firsthand experience how this course could benefit you and your practice.

The coaching industry is constantly changing and evolving. It is so important, as responsible coaches, that we continue to keep up with the newest trends and methods of healing and growth through new classes and cutting edge webinars.

Moving The Human Spirit offers some invaluable courses, and they are the only ICF accredited trauma school in the world. You can read about my experience the first two weeks with the course here.

The TICB Course Begins

I was nervous when I started because my plate was already overflowing, but right from the first moment in class when Nathalie explained every step of how zoom worked and then went over the outline, I relaxed and knew I was in the right place!


The TICB course is designed for the working/busy person and fits in nicely to any lifestyle.

You will receive the TICB course outline, worksheets and instructions a few days prior to start. Everything was made so easy with these guides. Nathalie and our class moderator Andrea made it so easy for us to be present and understand the information they were giving. The first couple of weeks were spent with learning competencies and ethics and opening our minds to new ways of coaching.

We had a group of about 20 students from all over the world. It was an amazing experience to log in 2 times a week to connect with such a broad group of people and having invaluable class discussions.

Calling All Coaches

Group learning is such a powerful thing, couple that with the multi-cultural aspect at Moving The Human Spirit and an environment for learning is created that is so eye-opening.

In the final two weeks, we spent a lot of time in diads (role-playing one on one) and triads (role playing one on one with an observer).  Many of us were a little nervous about this, but Nathalie and a few brave souls from class jumped in and really helped everyone get comfortable quickly. It was actually these exercises that many of us turned out to love the most.

In role-playing all of the different roles – coach, coachee, observer – we really got a good taste of this coaching in a new perspective. So not only did we gain invaluable knowledge on the coaching industry, we got a ton of great experience in a safe environment to make mistakes and learn together.

For the final class, we reviewed the practice exam together and then they opened it up to any kind of questions people had. This was fascinating and great because many of us had the same questions, many shared different solutions and we all felt really good about coaching. All of our questions had been answered, and the instructors were so helpful and caring.

This truly was an amazing experience. They have classes starting periodically, you can find thatschedule here.

As for me… I’m counting down the minutes to start the TICC class on February 17 – but more on that later! 😉


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