My Arbonne 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge Week 2 Results

My Arbonne 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge Week 2 Results

Arbonne 28 day clean eating challenge week 2 results

So… at this point in my Arbonne 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge, I believe I was becoming addicted to the digestion packet + Arbonne Detox Tea routine in the morning…

I know, you have been waiting for my week 2 results and I’ve kept them to myself for too long! Because they are so so good! My energy has been way up and I am feeling better all around!

But you want to know the good stuff! You already checked out what is in the Arbonne 28 day clean eating challenge box, and you know my week 1 results…

My Arbonne 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge Week 2 Results

I am really proud to say that I was having no problem with 1 shake in the morning, a healthy dinner from their recipe options provided in the private facebook group, and a light snack in the evening. As you know, the digestion packet that I would dissolve into a small cup of water, like 5 or 6 oz, and have a nice warm cup of detox tea is such a nice gentle way for our digestion systems to wake up and I’m totally obsessed with it now.

I have lost a few pounds, more last week than this one, but I really noticed that my body was firming up. In places that I did not even realize I was a bit jiggly in… oops!!

I tried 1 new variation of the shakes this week, but mostly I stayed between the lemon vanilla one and the chocolate and berries shakes alternating each morning. They honestly kept me filled until mid afternoon when I would have a fizz stick drink which carried me until dinner.

This weeks menu options were great, we found 2 new recipes that we will be keeping – one for steak fajitas that the kids ate right up!

My energy was up. I was in a better mood most of this week and I really felt the power of good nutrition changing my body chemistry, getting me back on track to a healthier, happier, more conscious person once again.

Why Is Clean Eating Important?

I just want to talk for a second about the importance of clean eating. There are a lot of trendy diets that go around, but clean eating is not one of them. This is not some new diet or even a big secret.

Clean eating is simply a way of life. It is acknowledging the importance of clean, whole, natural foods that nourish and sustain us as opposed to all of the highly-processed chemical foods that media and grocery chains are pushing at us and are literally killing us.

It is not about eating more or less or at a certain time.

Clean eating is just about choosing better quality foods and ingredients. And Arbonne does it for you in a boot-camp style to get you acknowledging, understanding AND acting upon the importance of clean eating.

So if you haven’t yet, go say Hi to Laura Here and get started on your own 28 day clean eating challenge! What are you waiting for?!

Cheers and clean eating always!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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