Blenheim Palace & A Tour of Oxford

Blenheim Palace & A Tour of Oxford

blenheim palace

Photo Credit: Blenheim Palace via VisitBritain

My trip to VisitBritain was simply incredible. As you have read, I was there to Celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th Anniversary. It was an amazing trip put together by the fabulous team over at VisitBritain (be sure to check out their site to get your trip booked asap!). We stayed in some fantastic places and got a true taste of England.

Today we will be exploring what there is to do around The Manor on Weston on the Green.

When driving from Nags Head Country Inn and Restaurant in Great Missenden to The Manor on Weston on the Green, you must pass thru Oxford, a charming city rich with history.

So before checking in to The Manor on Weston on the Green, we stopped to check out Oxford for a bit. We met up with Elizabeth Hudson-Evans, from the Oxford Guild of Guides to show us around.

Elizabeth was very friendly, fun to be with and certainly knew her way around Oxford! She showed us everything from the best fun café’s:



Photo Credit: Erik Valebrokk

To the breathtaking architecture:


Photo Credit: Erik Valebrokk

To the oldest standing tower in England. We had a blast walking around, talking with people, learning about the city. I highly recommend taking the tour with her when visiting, you will miss out on so much if you don’t! The back stories on a lot of the buildings were fascinating. You can book your tour with Elizabeth at the Oxford Visitor Information Centre on Broad Street in Oxford.

It took about 2 hours and was a very good walk. You will definitely want to wear comfortable shoes, bring your camera, some water and dress in layers as you will be warm walking around, but chilly when you enter a building!

Tired, I got back in the car and headed to spend a wonderful night at Manor on Weston on the Green.

The next morning, after a delicious country style breakfast at The Manor on Weston on the Green, I left to take a tour of Blenheim Palace. It was a short 30 minute, gorgeous ride to get to Blenheim Palace.

As you can see from the photo above, Blenheim Palace is simply breathtaking. It really does look like that in person.

Which is the reason so many films are shot here! Interesting fun fact, Blenheim Palace is used in many movies as a stand in for Buckingham Palace. In fact, the scene in the BFG where the giant is standing in the garden talking to the queen was filmed here! This is the actual garden where the movie was filmed:

blenheim palace

Photo Credit: Erik Valebrokk

The gardens are luscious and well-manicured, the fountains are flowing and everyone is really happy to be there. I had a great tour guide who knew everything about Blenheim Palace.

I have to note that I really do appreciate taking the tours when in new places. The tour guides are locals and really know their stuff. It gives such a different perspective to the whole experience when you have someone knowledgeable who can answer all of your questions as opposed to just walking thru some place. Tours guides give me a far more immersive understanding of the new-to-me place, one that I have come to really appreciate.

I had a delicious lunch at The Orangery in Blenheim Palace. The food was fresh, local and tasted heavenly. It was the perfect end to a delightful morning spent exploring this magnificent palace.

Back to the car and time to continue the journey to Cardiff, the birthplace of Roald Dahl.

But more on that tomorrow!

Until then, safe travels and happy thoughts!
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