Color Me Happy

Color Me Happy

color me happy

Would you be intrigued if I told you that there is a very simple way to instantly transform (or adjust!) your mood AND the moods of those around you?

Would you be even more intrigued if I told you it would cost you nothing?

Here’s the secret… Take a Trip to Your Closet!!

Yup, that’s right.

It is as simple as being aware of what you are wearing, specifically the Color(s) you are wearing.

We don’t realize the effect that color has on us, but it does make a big impact subconsciously. In fact, so much so that there is an entire alternative medicine field dedicated to healing through color!

I have shared why I Dress to Impress Every Day. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my tips on how color plays a big role in your wardrobe/home/office and how you can use colors to your benefit.

What Color Makes Us Feel

Color affects us subconsciously. Here is what each color has the power to do to us and those around us:

Red: A very complicated color. Not only the color of passion, but of fear, anger, alarm. This color must be used carefully, and I find it best only as an accent color. Too much red can potentially put people on the defensive around your. Accent things like red lips, nails, bags or shoes, however, can stimulate passion from those around you and in yourself.

Orange: This color evokes action, enthusiasm, creativity. A great color for a workout or if starting a new project at work as research shows that this color increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect and stimulates brain activity. Also perfect to choose if you want to stand out without taking too much of a risk. It makes the statement ‘I am having a little fun and being a little different, but not too different!’

Yellow: Another complicated color! Not only the color of sunshine, which conveys a joyous, happy mood, but also the color of jaundice and sickliness. Bright shades of yellow are best, but ONLY as an accent color. A bright yellow bag, shoes, tie, scarf or blouse/shirt all can help boost confidence and promote optimism not only in yourself, but in those around you.

Green: This is the easiest color on the eye and can in fact reduce fatigue. This color is associated with nature and growth. Therefor it is both a relaxing and refreshing choice. Mixing shades of this color mentally balances and reassures us and others near us.

Blue: This is the most stable color. It promotes calm. The color blue soothes and positively affects mental clarity. A great color for job interviews, first dates, or if you are giving a presentation as it will instantly calm your audience allowing them to fully focus on you!

Purple: Associated with luxury and royalty, this is a great color for a day when you need to feel confident and magnificent.

Grey: Although a great supporting color, on its own it inspires people to be uninvolved, passive and tired. Always choose a pop of color to offset these feelings that grey provokes.

Black: A very intense color that conveys elegance, power, authority, seriousness and aggression. AND it is super sliming! This color is best when you need to negotiate something or you want to show that you are in charge.

Beige/Browns: This color brings to mind feelings of warmth, comfort, and security. It is a natural, down-to-earth, and sophisticated color.

White: To us here in USA, this color represents purity, trust, wholesomeness. It gives off a clean, happy vibe.

Colors do affect our moods and our productivity levels, though they are not the only factor.

However, how can it not be beneficial to choose a color that will work with you instead of against you?!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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