Easy Ideas To Start New Conscious Holiday Traditions For Every Single Parent

Easy Ideas To Start New Conscious Holiday Traditions For Every Single Parent


There are so many different circumstances that could have landed you where you are, but whatever yours may be, the fact is that we now have single parent households and are facing the holidays.

This may bring on a bit of the holiday blues, but it doesn’t have to! This will be my 4th season as a single parent and this year I am looking forward to doing all of the fun new conscious holiday traditions I started a couple of years ago.

Sure, it may be different. It may not fit into what I thought my life would look like right now, but that is ok. Because no matter what any of us have been through, we have survived and have been blessed with another holiday season with our precious littles.

Family traditions provide emotional stability in our children’s lives. Which is oh so important for kids with two or more households or kids that have lost a parent. Having things to look forward to each year is part of what makes the holidays so special, especially in single parent households.

So let’s change our mindset, read these tips here, and let’s start creating new memories that will last a lifetime, bond us to our children and give us pleasure.

Easy Ideas To Start New Conscious Holiday Traditions For Every Single Parent

  1. Share your holiday message each night with a story. Whichever holiday you celebrate, read a bit of your higher power’s story each night with your kids, older and younger. A poem, a passage, a verse, a picture story each night. Choose age appropriate messages, for older kids, that will provoke conversations of appreciation, gratitude, joy for what you have been blessed with. This is special time for you and your littles to come together and learn your religious traditions, together creating your own.
  2. Bake cookies! Simple, fun and something you will all remember forever. Whether you bake them from scratch or pick-up dough and icing from your local market, coming together in the kitchen with the kids will produce lots of smiles, laughter and holiday cheer.
  3. Create a tradition for buying their other parent a gift. Do not bad mouth the other parent, this just hurts the kids. Instead, tuck away your pride, and give your children the gift of respecting their other parent enough to take them out and buy or make something for them depending on your budget. Do something nice. If you lost your spouse, set aside time to do something special with your young one to remember the lost parent. Share pictures, pick a special ornament, share funny stories, acknowledge the love they brought to this earth and that they are missed. Your child needs this. And it will help you be more positive too, a win-win tradition.
  4. Get creative together. Set up a traditional holiday vacation craft day and get creative with your littles making cards, ornaments, gifts, paintings. Hit up pintrest for ideas that work for you and dive in with your kids, of all ages! This is a great way to connect with your kids and check in with them and will give you laughs for years to come.
  5. Get matching Holiday jammies for everyone! I know, I’m a nerd! But I love them and just because it is the 3 of us now, does not mean we can’t all match!!!! Have fun picking out with your littles or surprising them! Come on single dad’s – you know you can do this too!!
  6. Holiday movie. Pick one holiday movie that you will watch every year. Get those matching jammies on, gather your favorite snacks and make a fun night of it. We watch the Polar Express every year to start our holiday season off. It is one of my favorite nights!
  7. Plan a special menu for a Holiday Meal together. Whichever day you celebrate, start a tradition of coming together to plan a special meal, preparing it and enjoying it together. Give it a family name and do it every year. This is time that will be cherished forever.


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