Why Make A Family Meal Plan

Why Make A Family Meal Plan

Family-meal-plan-seriesLet’s just face the fact and admit that making a family meal plan sucks. It is a real PITA (kid safe word for pain in the ass). However it is totally beneficial for families, especially ones trying to navigate around all of the processed foods that seem to be everywhere!

Why do I make a family meal plan?

  • Totally helps with time management (one less thing to think about during a busy week)
  • Improves personal and family health by eating healthier
  • Saves money
  • Reduces wasted groceries
  • Experience a greater variety of food
  • Less trips to the grocery store
  • Just post the menu on the fridge each week so that you can refer all questions like ‘What’s for dinner’ there
  • Your family will eat waaaay less processed foods
  • Family Meal Plans promote time to come together and share some delicious food whilst talking about your day

Ok, So How Do I Make a Family Meal Plan?


First, make a collection of your families top 30 favorite dinners. I sat down with my family and asked them what their favorite dinners were. We made a list together. By incorporating the kids into this they are able to exercise some control over what they eat. As well as they are learning how to have a healthy diet, what is good, what is not. I have a book in which I write down all of our favorite recipes for easy referral. Or you could get a folder and just stick in the recipes of your family’s choice. Or you could go green and keep them stored on your computer – whatever works for you!

Next, subscribe to my site to receive my family meal plan. This is a flexible, whole food meal plan for busy, busy (seriously busy) families who care very much about what they and their children eat. I am going to make it easy for you to eat this way! Swap out your favorite recipes for the ones listed if you wish and print!

Then, click on my grocery list, add or remove any items you need to. Print!

Finally, double-check the list against your pantry/fridge and make any last-minute revisions.

Now head to the store and stock up!

I encourage you to buy local as much as possible, check to see when and where your farmer’s markets are.

Experiment with new foods and get yourself excited about it – your kids will then too!
I like to have a minimum of 1 new healthy dinner recipe a week.

A family meal plan will make it easy to try new foods and a healthier way of eating.

Subscribe to my site and see just how simple I make it for you to take the stress right out of making (and sticking) to a family meal plan.

My family meal plan will also tackle the dreaded boring lunch box crisis and snacks! I put it all in so all you have to do is print, shop, eat!

“Let food be thy medicine” it has been said.

I totally agree and by making a family meal plan, you can keep your family health right on track.

Getting the family involved in the planning helps ensure that they will eat everything served. But for those picky moments, I have some kitchen rules in place!

 Take It

 Leave It

 Be Polite About It

 Be Thankful You Are Getting Anything At All

What are your thoughts on making a family meal plan? I love suggestions too! 😉

Cheers and Happy, Healthy Eating!
Malibu Mama Loves Xx

Author: malibumamaloves

I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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