Family Travel: Ecotourism: What Is it & Is It For Us?

Family Travel: Ecotourism: What Is it & Is It For Us?

Family travel: Ecotourism, what is it & Is it for us?

Ecotourism is a term we have been hearing a lot about lately. It is a travel concept that Charles Darwin is noted as the first person to theorize about it. By the 1990’s, this awareness became more mainstream. And now, in 2017, a lot of people are talking about, a lot of resorts are becoming ecofriendly.

What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism is sustainable travel to exotic, remote, often threatened, natural environments with the objective of educating about/promoting conservation; having a low visitor impact; empowering localities; preserving ecosystems and having a uniquely fun travel experience.

Ecotourism can include travel to a 5 star luxury ecotourist resort (there are many popping up everywhere right now and they are amazing!) in a remote location where your focus is on the environment to traveling to an impoverished village and helping them with long-term economic viability for tourism, local management control, quality employment, and fair distribution of economic and social benefits among other things.

The main goals of ecotourism to remember are:

  1. To minimize air, water and tourist waste pollution.
  2. To support the conservation of nature and wildlife.
  3. To respect and have sensitivity towards the cultural traditions of the host destination.
  4. To offer safe and educational visitor experiences, before, during and after the trip.
  5. To maintain and enhance the landscape avoiding physical or environmental degradation.
  6. To efficiently use scarce or non-renewable resources.
  7. To maximize opportunities for local success for the host destination.

What are the Benefits to Ecotourism?

Ecotourists are travelers who want to minimize the negative impacts of their visit, and who take special interest in local nature and cultures – there are many benefits to this type of travel!

  1. Helping local communities grow. Ecotourism promotes community growth and is a great way for communities to find solutions to problems they are facing that others have overcome. It gives the traveler an opportunity to share their knowledge for the sheer purpose of helping someone and the locals an often rare opportunity for growth. 2 things that always make you feel amazing, sharing and growing, no matter which side you are on! A win-win, if you ask me!
  2. Spreading environmental conservation awareness. Ecotourism is all about minimizing our daily impact. By choosing to travel this way, you are spreading awareness as well as doing your part to help our sustain our environment.
  3. Preserving the culture. By being aware, by spreading awareness, by lending a helping hand we are preserving the cultures we are interacting with by helping them to survive and thrive.
  4. Builds bonds that will last a lifetime. Ecotourism connects us all at our most primal level, the need to survive and evolve together. The friends that you will make when taking a trip like this, the bonds that are formed between you and those you are with and meet will last forever and be super strong.
  5. Teaches children sustainability and responsibility. Taking a family ecotourism trip is one of the best ways to teach so many valuable, irreplaceable lessons in spreading kindness, awareness on a global level and how to live sustainably no matter where you are.
  6. Shows appreciation. We are blessed with so many things that often are taken for granted. Ecotourism reminds us of all we have and gives us the opportunity to show appreciation for these things by helping others.

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Family Travel: Ecotourism, what is it & Is it for us?

Is Ecotourism for Us?

Whether you travel alone, with friends or with your entire family, ecotourism is a great travel option for all of us. I say this because you can travel this way in luxury or on a budget.

As our world becomes more conscious and aware, more options to travel consciously are opening up. More travelers are looking for eco-friendly hotels and tours and adapting a more sustainable way of traveling.

If you are ready to book one, simply google ecotourism + the destination of your choice and have fun picking through all of the options that pop up! I promise, it will be the trip of a lifetime!

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