How Surrendering Transforms

How Surrendering Transforms


Most people think of surrendering as giving up, admitting defeat, losing. To many, surrendering equals failure. Such a pessimistic mindset…

So how can surrendering be the key to transforming?

Consider this – You are exhausted from battle. The methods you have been using have not been working right. Nothing seems to work. Isn’t it time to reassess? Doesn’t it make sense that perhaps your perspective needs to change and surrendering to a new line of thinking is the smart thing to do? Realistically, surrendering is something smart people do when they realize what they are doing is not working. How is that failure?

To me that sounds like the steps to success.

Simply put, surrendering is the act of letting go of things you cannot control to instead focus on that which you can. It is a mindset shift.

Surrendering Transforms

When you surrender, you are not giving up. You are realigning your choices and focus. Surrender does not mean give up and give in… no, not at all.

Surrender means letting go of unproductive efforts to control things that you cannot, while focusing on the situations and things you can control. To stay with our example, by surrendering to the battle, you can acknowledge what you are doing isn’t working and instead push your mind in a new direction – even if it is just the dishes or to take a walk, read a book, the answers are within you once you tap into them. Just as surrendering to not being able to fall asleep by getting up to do something – read a book, meditate, yoga, breath work, anything – your body will tire and fall asleep when it is ready instead of you trying to force it to sleep. Make sense?

Once you have surrendered to all that life throws at you, things start to become less of a battle and more of a gift. A parade of positivity if you will!

4 Ways Surrendering Transforms

  1. Clarity – surrendering brings so much clarity as you begin to honor the true you and focus on all of the things you can do right, a new way to reach your goal (win that battle or a new one in the long term) appears.
  2. Peace – surrendering to life’s unexpected twists and turns, opening your heart to all that you are and can be, fills one with an unmatched calm and peace.
  3. Learning – surrendering to life’s lessons provides endless opportunities to learn, to grow, to share.
  4. Creating – surrendering to what has not been working allows you to create new opportunities both for yourself and ones that you may have otherwise missed.

Are you ready to surrender to the rest of your life? So many good things are ahead, surrendering is just a step on the journey!

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