How to Rent a Timeshare #FamilyTravel

How to Rent a Timeshare #FamilyTravel

how to rent a timeshare

Back in the mid 80’s my mother discovered a timeshare out on Cape Cod. I remember my parents taking us there to check the place out for a weekend and how much fun it was. We had a spacious room with many of the comforts of home. They had this amazing pool on the beach that was completely encased in glass for year round use. Super cool, right?

Then they told us that not only were we able to use that resort, but trade in our time for use at other resorts as well! Sold!!

In all of the years that have followed, we made several trips a year – all to different timeshare locations – to discover that each resort has their own unique quality. And boy is it a much better way to travel with family! As a mom now, I love the timeshare network!

What is a Timeshare?

RCI (the world’s largest vacation exchange network – this is who we use) explains it best:

Timeshare, also known as Vacation Ownership, offers the opportunity to own condominium-style accommodations at quality resorts in popular domestic and international destinations. Timeshare accommodations typically offer spacious floor plans and home-like amenities when compared with traditional hotels, and may include kitchens, laundry facilities, living room space and multiple bedrooms. Today, there are more than 7 million timeshare owners!

So you purchase one week (or more depending on what you want) at a resort and that week will always be yours. You can use it at that resort or trade it in for another location – they even have cruises for a trade-in option!!

This idea began in the mid 60’s in the French Alps. Paul Doumier came up with the slogan “No need to rent the room; buy the hotel, it’s cheaper” (source) and sold the first ever timeshare!! The idea has since caught on globally and has become a top option for us family travelers!!

I’m not ready to buy a timeshare, but can I rent one?

Yes!! And it is super easy – you just have to know about it and be savvy about it!

How to rent a timeshare.

  1. Find a timeshare to rent. Start with a Google Search for “rent timeshare” and the location you want to go to. There are a lot of sites dedicated to this and many can be a scam so PLEASE research before you send any money! Some sites do charge an annual fee, but it is usually low and well worth the price to be able to access this kind of arrangement. I have read a lot of good things about, a website for buying, selling and renting timeshare. I know they work with RCI so this makes me more comfortable with them. Ebay is another place to check out for timeshare rentals.
  2. Email the owners! Once you have selected a few properties that you like, contact the owners. Owners are usually very quick to respond and are generally happy to answer all of your questions. Some big questions should be parking accommodations, resort activities – if they heat their outdoor pools, and always ask for any interesting local attractions.
  3. Negotiate the price. Now that you have found the place for your vacation, do not be afraid to offer a little less and see what happens. The worst they are going to say is no, but they might just say yes!! Please don’t forget that sometimes there are added fees from Paypal and occasionally from the resort itself (call the resort to find out how much) upon checkout so you will want to factor this all in.
  4. Safety and Security when you rent a timeshare. Make sure to request (and receive BEFORE booking & payment) the owners full name, address and phone number and then call the resort or club office to verify that this person is indeed an owner. If the person refuses to give you a name, move on. True owners are happy to help.

I suggest you pay using Paypal or a major credit card so there is a trail just in case. Once booked you should receive a confirmation code straightaway. I would call the resort to verify that all is on the up and up and THEN you can go about booking a flight or making the necessary travel arrangements to get there.

What are the benefits to rent a timeshare?

There are many, where do I start?!!

  • Much, much more room – by this I mean a full kitchen, a living room, and depending on how big you go – bedrooms and bathrooms! Room for everyone in the family!
  • Many of the condos offer the conveniences of home – a dishwasher, washer/dryer units, comfortable beds, and lots of kitchen utensils, crib rentals if needed and more.
  • Most resorts have endless activities planned for the kids or for the whole family.
  • Most resorts offer great deals on excursions.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for your kids to meet and befriend other kids from all over the country. Likewise, there are plenty of opportunities to get some really fun, quality family time in.
  • Everybody will sleep better, which will allow you to have more fun during the day!!!

Timeshare really is a great option for families. We recently went to Vegas with kids and stayed in an amazing timeshare with a warm lazy river! Which timeshare would you like to rent?

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