My Daughter’s Bike – A Story Of Projection

My Daughter’s Bike – A Story Of Projection


Everyone is abuzz with Thanksgiving this month! I love reading stories of praise and thanks all over social media and hearing them from friends around town. It is great!

I have my own bizarre but true story that just recently happened that is just so good, I have to share it with you!! A story of positivity and projection. A story showing that community can come together and create really good things, randomly, with a little positivity…

When holiday shopping last year, both of my children found bikes they really wanted. Unfortunately we were in the middle of a move and I wasn’t comfortable buying them something like that just then – not knowing where we were moving to. Instead I told them, I promised them, I would get the each a bike for their birthday that year. We just needed to be settled. (I had no idea Covid was about to happen…)

The universe brought us to an amazing house with a garage and we all got excited knowing bikes were near in our future as we love going for long bike rides.

Then Covid hit… And apparently toilet paper was not the only thing in high demand (though I honestly never had a hard time getting toilet paper lol)…

The week before my sons birthday, I started searching for a bike to discover they were completely sold out everywhere. I got nervous…. They could not be shipped, they were back ordered until September. Each day I spent 2 hours looking and finally 2 days before we found a little remote sporting goods store that had 1 boys bike left and were offering curbside pickup. I jumped in the car and my son had a great birthday surprise.

The Problem

Fast forward to my daughter’s birthday. Spent 2 weeks looking, I even started asking friends if they had old bikes, I called everyone in the states of NH and Mass thinking my parents or my brother could pick it up and ship it, I was that desperate.

2 days before her birthday and I was sitting home alone in tears, thinking I was going to have to completely let her down and it was weighing heavily on me – you know how us moms can be.

My mom called up and she says remember the hardware store at the bottom of the hill? They keep used bikes back there, Dad is going down to see if they have one he could break down and ship that would work for her.

And a little light went off in my head.

The Miracle

I remembered the moms of conejo valley facebook group and the huge community of amazing moms there… and I wondered if I posted if someone would have one sitting in their garage that would work for now and I would get her a new one when we could.

With tears in my eyes, I posted a hail mary request to the group. And within 5 minutes a mother messaged me. She said I bought a bike a year ago, thinking it would be fun with my babies, rode it once and didn’t like it. The bike has been sitting in my garage since and is the size you are asking for. Are you interested?

Of course I replied immediately. Asked her how much she would like, she said it has a basket (score!) and looks brand new, how about $60, I said I will be right over! She sent a picture, I couldn’t believe my eyes…

The Power of Projection

This is the bizarre but true part of the story. I arrived at this woman’s house, and there in the garage was the exact bike, basket and all that my daughter had picked in the store!!!! I am not even kidding, and it looked brand new. I couldn’t even believe it. I had tears in my eyes as I handed her $75, loaded the bike and went home.

Here is a crazy part of the story. Every day after Christmas and before her birthday my daughter asked for that bike specifically and begged for it. Every day at least 1x it came up. I tried to let her know it would most likely be a different bike, and she said ok, but she really wanted that one with the basket.


How cool is that?

Not only am I incredibly thankful to MOMS of Conejo Valley FB Group (which you should get in on if you are a mom in the area); I’m incredibly thankful to have a smart, strong-willed daughter who knows what she wants and somehow makes it happen…

And to that Mom who answered my prayers… you literally are an angel. God, the universe, the secret, the projection, timing all worked through you that day to make this happen for my special girl.

Thank You.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving Month!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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