5 Fun Single Parent Family Travel Ideas

5 Fun Single Parent Family Travel Ideas

5 Fun Single Parent Family Travel Ideas

As a single parent with a very bad case of the wanderlust, I have been embracing the single parent travel lifestyle. And it is every bit as fun as when our whole family used to explore together AND as when I used to travel solo or with friends.

Just in a different way…

But isn’t that conscious life? Constantly evolving, each season providing experience and memories.

So I thought it would be fun to share some travel ideas that I am looking into for this year – for all of us single parents who want to get out there and explore, here are:

5 Fun Single Parent Family Travel Ideas

  1. An All-Inclusive Resort Vacation. This is first on my list because they are the most amazing and truly provide everything you need. You pay ahead of time so during your stay, food, drinks, activities, amenities are all provided at your wish. They often have great kids clubs, certified nannies, fantastic food, and fantastic activities for all ages. Everything you desire to make unforgettable memories, to relax and rejuvenate and to create lasting family bonds with each other all in one place!
  2. An International Adventure with AirBnB. AirBnB makes it so easy to rent a home and with plenty of places to choose from, this is a huge win for single parents. Being in a home can help save money on food as well as give everyone space to relax without being on top of each other and provides a great home base for taking lots of local excursions. It also helps you get a true taste of the local flavor which, when traveling with kids, is always an amazing experience. Try renting a flat in Paris, or a beach house in Brazil, AirBnB has a local place there – and many more places – for you with all the comforts of home (or most anyway!!).
  3. A Relaxing Ranch Experience. Did you know there are ranches that are set up as resorts where you can participate in daily ranch activities and luxurious accommodations? Each of them vary in what they offer, but options include things like working with the animals, fishing excursions, overnight camping under the stars trips, bon fires, family bbqs, new friends – kids have a great way of making them on trips like these, river trips, and evening children’s programs so parents have some adult time! Perfect for family bonding, memory creating and relaxing!
  4. A Road Trip. To some, sounds scary, to others, sounds like an experience that will never be forgotten! Pick a destination, find a good place to stay there, pack the kids up and hit the open road! Nothing bonds a family together like being on an adventure where anything can (and usually does) happen!!
  5. A Train Tour. As we use the train tracks less and less for shipping, many companies have come in, purchased the rails and turned them into sightseeing tours, some daytime, some overnighters. Whether you do a cross country journey or a weekend trip or a daytrip, not only will you get to see incredible scenery, but there will be lots of time for games, talking, laughing and bonding along the ride!

Cheers and Safe Travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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