Situationship – Redefined

Situationship – Redefined


First there were ‘booty calls’ which somehow turned into ‘friends with benefits’. The latest term trending right now for this ‘Situationships’.

I have to admit, I am not a huge fan… but Katie feels they do play their purpose. Over on Conscious Straight Talk With Katie & Lindsey we were discussing this last week. You can catch that episode here:

What Is A Situationship?

A situationship is a romantic arrangement that exists before/without that defining your relationship talk. It lacks commitment and promotes freedom – and personally, I find it takes away from the human experience. It seems that all of the online dating apps and constant temptation around everywhere has created this paradox of choice while society has created this mentality that has many people constantly looking for better and more, instead of appreciating what they already do have…

However, during stormy and transitional seasons, situationships may have their part to play.

The Pros & Cons Of A Situationship

  1. Pro – There is plenty of space for self-growth, to be independent, to learn not to be co-dependent.
    1. Con – You will never get consistent and stable support, support that we all look for and need in life.
  2. Pro – Individuals will have plenty of freedom to make decisions and explore their passions separate from another person.
    1. Con – You are making your emotionally vulnerable. People can catch feelings, often one party is wanting/waiting for the other person to change… some people can get really hurt.
  3. Pro – Allows intimacy without commitment.
    1. Con – Everything feels so ambiguous and not special – like robotic sex.
  4. Pro – They can help during certain chapters of life.
    1. Con – There can be so many conflicts, especially when several people are involved, it can be super messy and uncomfortable.

Signs Of A Situationship

Hopefully, if you are involved in a situationship, you and your partners are being honest with each other. Honesty is the best way, always.

However, perhaps you are not sure… if any of these signs resonate with you, then you may be involved in a situationship that you should consider if it is working for you or not.

Signs of a Situationship

  1. There is no natural growth in the relationship, you feel stuck and not hitting any relationship milestones.
  2. There is someone else or multiple other’s involved.
  3. You only make short term or last-minute plans.
  4. There is no consistency or stability.
  5. They use the same excuses over and over again and always seem filled with excuses.
  6. You mostly small talk or dirty talk, no long engaging chats til 2 in the morning…
  7. You do not talk about the future together, you never make travel plans together or talk about a financial future.
  8. They tell and show you they don’t want to get serious.
  9. You frequently anxious, nervous, feel like you walk on egg shells around this person.
  10. You are bored, and alone, a lot!

Sound familiar at all? You can decide if it is right for you! Join us on Conscious Straight Talk With Katie & Lindsey as we talk about this week!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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