The Power Of Holistic Healing

 The Power Of Holistic Healing


It’s no secret that here in the USA we are sicker, fatter and more depressed than ever before. Everyone is searching for an answer, a quick fix, a better way to live. Many are just starting to realize the power of holistic healing, are you one of them?

What Is Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing comes from the concept of emphasizing the importance of the whole body and the interdependence of each of its parts. It is a health and wellness practice that takes into account the entire person and all of the factors affecting them – both internal and external.

Here is what I love about holistic healing – holistic healers consider the whole person by including their mind, body, spirit and heart in treatment solutions. They seek to restore balance among all the dimensions of the individual, as opposed to focusing on one specific condition or illness.

It is how medicine started and is a foundational principle behind all ancient healthcare models. Socrates (founder of western philosophy) and Hippocrates (the father of medicine) fully believed that the body has incredible healing powers on its own with nature providing what we need to stay in top shape and had a strong understanding that “…the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Socrates. Both recognized the value of thinking holistically.

So when did we stray away from this thought?

Modern Medicine Leaves Holistic Healing Behind

Science came on the scene leaving much of the holistic healing practices behind. We discovered germs and became more focused on immediate intervention of one problem instead of looking at the body as a whole.

Very quickly, most diseases and illnesses were being treated by penicillin and similar medicines. Doctors paid little to no attention to the whole patient. Instead choosing to focus on symptoms and syndromes alone with drugs or surgeries as remedies. They stopped taking the time to know the whole of the patient, they stopped seeing patients as people.

Slowly, patients were being alienated from their own health care relying on doctors and drug companies to provide a quick fix for them. Never realizing that the medicines they are taking to heal one thing usually cause problems for another thing creating more disease and illness within.

Pair that with the amount of stress, poor diets and inactivity most Americans experience, insert insurance companies who now dictate treatments that patients are allowed to have without taking their unique bodies into consideration and we get the result of many, many – way too many – sick people.

Rekindling Our Love For Holistic Healing

People eventually began seeking alternative forms of medicine. Holistic healing began getting more attention and it started to spread again. The past is our way forward.

Are you ready to embrace it?

Why Try Holistic Healing?

Because it works!

Because it is how medicine is supposed to be!

Today, you can find holistic healing practices readily available. Natural alternatives are finally in high demand as conventional medicines seem to be failing us. And honestly, holistic healing just feels better all around.

I love Sunnie Mortimer’s, certified Holistic Nurse of, approach to holistic healing. She believes in a Body, Brain and Breathing method to healing. Sunnie understands that managing stress is fundamental to our overall health and wellbeing. She teaches mind-body tools that help people build a natural resilience to common stress factors in leading to deteriorating our bodies (disease and illness). Sunnie successfully guides patients to reach their full health potential – naturally!

I encourage you to try holistic healing because it works so well for me, because it keeps my family and I on the healthiest, most productive path possible. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease and told I needed medication for the rest of my life and there was no cure. I did not accept this so I found a holistic healer and worked with her for 7 months to reverse this diagnosis much to the shock and disbelief of my primary care doctor.

Our bodies are incredibly resilient.

I encourage you to try because holistic healing has changed my life and it very well may be able to for you as well.

Cheers to holistic healing!

Malibu ama Loves Xx

Author: malibumamaloves

I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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