Family Travel: 8 Reasons To Travel This Summer 2018

Family Travel: 8 Reasons To Travel This Summer 2018

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School is out and the summer fun has begun! And yes, my gorgeous friends, there is still plenty of time to plan that summer adventure you have been thinking about, but haven’t quite gotten around to booking!

Every summer needs some element of adventure, from a road trip, to a week at a resort, to a major international exploration… anything and everything counts! Summer is a great time to get up, get out there and discover all the cool things this world has to offer.


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8 Reasons To Travel This Summer

  1. Travel builds unique qualities in each of us. Travel makes you wiser, offers limitless teachable/learning moments, and opens up opportunities that you would never have had if you had chosen to stay home.
  2. Travel opens your mind. You will find new possibilities. You will watch your children learn new solutions and grow their minds. Travel will keep you on the conscious path by opening your mind to all that is out there. It will be you who chooses what to bring home with them.
  3. Travel introduces you to incredible new friends. Oh the people you will meet… Good people are everywhere, it all begins with sharing a smile! You and your children will become incredibly skilled at talking to new people, and sharing ideas with them.
  4. Travel will help you to slow down a little and live in the now. Travel gives you the opportunity to live in the moment, forgetting for a bit about the past, not overthinking about the future, but just enjoying what is new and right around you in this moment. It lets you step outside of our crazy day to day hectic schedules, and experience a change of pace. Share the love and pin this: travel this sumemr
  5. Travel shows you new experiences. Try new foods, listen to new music, check out local shops… there is so much to see and do, even if it is in the next town over!
  6. Travel builds self-confidence. Both in you and your family. There is nothing like handling a missed flight and bus ride with kids + a million bags with grace to show you just how strong you are!!! 😉
  7. Travel creates life-long bonds between families. A family that plays together, stays together, right?! And one that travels together with fly together always! You will experience and accomplish things together that will hold you to each other forever.
  8. Travel helps us appreciate. On so many levels. I appreciate how far the travel industry has come making it so easy for us parents to share and explore with out littles. I appreciate all of the fascinating people I have met on our journey. I appreciate all that mother nature has to offer us as I am continually amazed at her beauty every time I visit some place new.

And if you need just one more…. Travel is a great way to grow together as a family. Check out this post on how to involve your littles in your family travel planning. So take advantage of the littles being off from school, go check out that museum you have been meaning to, plan that camping trip you have been putting off, check rates on that resort you heard about or plan a big trip.

But whatever it is, go have fun! Enjoy this time, live in the moment this summer, as I am sure it will be over before we all know it!

Cheers and Safe Travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx



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