Vitamin D

Vitamin D

vitamin d

I grew up in the sunscreen era! Commercial after commercial warned us to stay out of the sun and always wear sunscreen.

So I was confused as to why it was bad for me to be vitamin D deficient, just as 85% of the population in the USA is deficient in vitamin D today.

Perhaps the commercials were wrong…

What is Vitamin D?

It is actually a steroid hormone our bodies attain through sun exposure, certain foods and supplements.

Studies are now showing that vitamin D receptors are in every cell and tissue in your body as they (you) need vitamin d for their (your) well-being. Vitamin D is responsible for regulating over 2,000 genes in your body and serves a wide range of fundamental biological functions including the metabolic process and our immune systems.

Here is what Vitamin D is responsible for:

  • Heart & Respiratory health
  • Cell formation and cell longevity
  • Skin health
  • Pancreatic health
  • Aging process (links to dementia)
  • Sleep patterns
  • Hearing & Eye health
  • Reproductive health
  • Athletic performance
  • Vascular system health
  • Immune health
  • Healthy mood and feelings of well-being– Ever wondered why you just seem to feel better during the summer months?
  • Weight management, including carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • Hair and hair follicles
  • Strong and healthy bones
  • Muscles
  • Proper digestion and food absorption
  • Protective effect against cancer in several ways, including:
  1. Increasing the self-destruction of mutated cells (which, if allowed to replicate, could lead to cancer).
  2. Reducing the spread and reproduction of cancer cells.
  3. Causing cells to become differentiated (cancer cells often lack differentiation).
  4. Reducing the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones, which is a step in the transition of dormant tumors turning cancerous. (Collective Evolution)

How do I get Vitamin D?

From direct, safe exposure to sunlight! It can be that easy!

I do believe every body is different so you will have to see what works for you, but it is suggested that you spend 15-20 minutes outside 4 times a week in non-peak sunshine (before 10 am or after 3 pm). Not only will this give your body enough ammunition to make its vitamin D, but you will also help reduce your EMFs!

Another option is supplementation. Please talk to your doctor first so you can customize the right amount for yourself as it is possible to overdose on your D!

I use Higher Nature Vitamin D Spray when I travel and cannot get in the sun. I don’t mind the taste, and it does give me a little boost. We call it the “sunshine spray”! They have a great kids spray that mine love when we travel as well. 1 tube contains roughly 240 sprays or an 8 month supply – it lasts us for quite a while!

Eating is another way. Things like mushrooms, salmon, tuna, mackerel, vitamin D-fortified dairy products, cereals and breads all are great sources of vitamin D.

How much Vitamin D do I need?

Currently the Institute of Medicine reports that optimal Vitamin D intake is:

Ages                                                                                1-70 yrs.            >70 yrs.           Pregnant/lactating

Est. Average Requirement IU/Day                           400                     400                             400

Recommended Dietary Allowance IU/Day            600                     800                             600

Upper Level Intake IU/Day                                    2,500/4,000          4,000                     4,000

By being conscious of spending a few minutes outside, eating some more mushrooms and utilizing the Vitamin D sprays, you can get your vitamin D fix and start feeling better today! It is that easy!

How do you get your Vitamin D?

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

For more reading:

The Daily Mail

Medical News Today

Scientific American


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