What Is A Conscious Life Coach?

What Is A Conscious Life Coach?


As the wellness industry continues to boom and we all begin to be more aware and enlightened, a newer role has emerged. That of a life coach. When you think about top athletes and their path to success, many attribute it to their coaches, right? Coaching has been around forever, and just as our favorite athletes need their coaches, so do to CEO’s, business executives, moms, dad, everyone really!

But what exactly is this life coaching thing? And add conscious to that? We hear about them all of the time, they help many of our friends and loved ones, so if you are wondering what exactly is a life coach, read on!

What Is A Conscious Life Coach?

A life coach is a wellness professional who helps people realize and achieve their maximum potential in life. A life coach is like a super positive, supportive friend and an enlightening advisor all rolled into one.

A conscious life coach puts a focus on awareness in each avenue of your life and has the experience, training and knowledge to ask the right questions to help you get to where you want to be.

They are someone who will help you recognize your goals in life, help you hold yourself accountable while giving you the encouragement you need throughout your journey to becoming your truest self.

What Does A Conscious Life Coach Do?

They wear many hats and each one differs. So it is important to make sure your conscious life coach has experience that meets your needs.

A conscious life coach will create an environment for you to grow your awareness and encourage you with whatever you need from professional needs to home needs to personal needs. They will help you review and understand your current situation while identifying with you what is holding you back.

Consider them like a partner on your journey who is helping you focus on being your most authentic self. They bring awareness, they can help you devise strategies to accomplish your wants and needs, they help you hold yourself accountable, they can help you create new ideas and add value to your career life, they will be there to hold your hand no matter what the outcome is.

You should first expect to go over the boundaries and agreements of the relationship. Once that is sorted, you will begin meeting with your coach and the possibilities are endless.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits will be different for each of us depending on our varying goals, but in general, there are several benefits to working with one are:

  • To gain awareness of ourselves, our habits and how they are affecting us.
  • To identify our goals
  • To eliminate limiting beliefs and pre-conditioned belief systems that do not serve us
  • To create our plan to reach our goals
  • To create balance in our lives
  • To create our own financial freedom
  • Learning to communicate on a higher level
  • To create deeper, more meaningful connections in life
  • Reaching and maintaining physical health goals

These are just a few of the benefits. Interested in learning more and working with a conscious life coach or becoming one? Contact me today and let’s chat!


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