What Is Conscious Living?

What Is Conscious Living?


As these two words become more mainstream, I get asked this all the time – What is Conscious Living? A simple question with a very powerful answer, one that I love giving because most people don’t yet understand what it is to live consciously.

What is Conscious Living?

Conscious living is pretty straightforward. It is simply waking up and taking control of your life. When you begin living consciously you start thinking about your choices and making them with intentional thought to have the life you want to live instead of settling for the life that has befallen you – both inside and out.

Conscious living is about being aware of how we affect everything, and how it affects us. It is acknowledging that everything is connected and therefore must be considered before even the smallest of action is taken.

It is not a one time decision. Conscious living is a lifestyle choice, a reconditioning of your mind, body and soul that permanently wakes you up to the wrongs and fake information that is swarming our society today and helps you make choices that will sustain life and bring happiness for generations. It is about researching and understanding where things come from, how they affect the environment and your body, how your words and actions affect others, making smart choices with your money, healing/understanding traumas and so much more.

The main elements to bring awareness to when one begins living consciously are:

Why Conscious Living?

So many people live on auto-pilot. They go through life doing things because society or the media or our families have conditioned us to do them. Especially in the USA. They get up when the alarm goes off, have a ‘healthy’ breakfast that the government told our schools to teach us was healthy, go work a job they got because they need to make the next mortgage payment – making someone else rich and them just barely able to skate by… Only to come home and make dinner and get the kids in bed like a zombie so they can make it to their night job/side hustle… To make that payment so they can keep up with the Jones’. You get my drift.

All because they think this is what they are supposed to do.

Ask yourself these questions –

  1. Are you working a job you fell into by need or one in which you wanted and love?
  2. Are you rushed with a full plate of things you are ‘supposed’ to do but have no desire to do?
  3. Do you wish you could spend more time with loved ones?
  4. Are you lost feeling that there must be more to life, yet exhausted from the day to day struggle?
  5. Are you overweight or underweight because you have kept the same eating habits for years and are in a rut of not exercising?
  6. Are you afraid of meeting new people?
  7. Do you find your days passing with you wondering what you want out of life and how you could get it?
  8. Do you waste your time on things that are not important so you can avoid hard work?
  9. Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

If you answered yes to any of these and feel like you are just drifting though life, out of your control, deciding to live consciously could be the single most important decision you make.

Because when you decide to wake up, anything and everything you want can be yours. The power of positive works, you can heal from your trauma and depression, and you can transform your life into what you want… all with conscious living.

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Author: malibumamaloves

I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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