What Is Visualization?

What Is Visualization?


When you make the lifestyle choice to live consciously, to be more aware, visualization becomes a very important tool in one’s conscious living toolbox. One that most people have not yet woken up to. One that can change your life.

What Is Visualization?

We have been hearing a lot about it lately, and it is a practice that I use and completely believe in – I’ve shared several stories on how various visualization techniques have affected my personal life.

Simply put, visualization is taking the time to visualize in your mind each day your goals and what you specifically want to have happen.

Yet many people are still so unaware of the power they contain within; how strong our minds really are and what we can accomplish when we reach our full potential. Those that are in the know, have changed their lives and have experienced more success than they thought they ever could with conscious living. Curious?

The Science Of Visualization

Have you ever noticed that the more you focus on something, the more you are likely to see it happen in your life? I’m sure you have heard that you get what you expect in life. Meaning if you are running on autopilot and not expecting anything to change or happen, then nothing will because your mind has settled on it and subconsciously, you have no motivation to go for it.

There is actually science behind this technique. It relates to the neural patterns of your brain. When you visualize the things you want to have happen in your life, you create neural patterns the same way as if you had actually had the experience. Thus, training your brain to succeed. Our nervous systems are stimulated by just thinking about something, creating a better chance for success than when we are running on autopilot.

Pro athletes use this technique to prepare for games and have been able to increase their performances substantially across the boards this way. Many high-level executives and business entrepreneurs use this visualization. Most life coaches and therapists utilize this to help others reach their full potential. I use a fantastic visualization exercise when I start with new clients that is life changing for many.

Because it works.

And it is time for you to start using it – if you haven’t yet that is!!

How Do I Visualize?

Just knowing the written definition will still leave a lot of people in the dark. So let’s go beyond understanding what visualization, and see an example of what visualization will look like for you.

  1. Pick a time during the day where you are feeling mentally strong. I like to do this when I wake up and before bed. I sometimes stop mid-day as well and take 5 minutes. But pick a time when you feel strong and you can have at least 5 undisturbed quiet minutes.
  2. Drink some water, take some deep breaths to calm down. Close your eyes and continue breathing deeply.
  3. Your mind may wander a bit, but when you are ready, bring your mind’s eye (with your eyes closed) to whatever goal or situation you are preparing for.
  4. Actually see yourself doing this, with great success in very fine detail. Visualize the other people around you, what it smells like, what it feels like, what it sounds like. Visualize the entire process from the idea, see the preparation, see the journey and see the successful outcome, every detail.
  5. Breathe deep and appreciate the fact that you have the opportunity to complete this goal.
  6. Open your eyes and go get it!
  7. Repeat as many times during the day as you can for a minimum of 28 days.

You should have a full understanding of visualization now. So let’s look at how doing this may impact your life.

How Visualization Will Transform Your Life

Once you learn to use this tool regularly, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Improved performance. As shown above, visualization can and will help you perform better all around.
  2. Reduces stress. Because our nervous systems are stimulated by just thinking about something, when we visualize positive thoughts, our body produces more serotonin – the happy hormone, reducing our stress as we begin to believe in our soon to be success.
  3. Helps to overcome anxiety. Using a visualization technique will you prepare for whatever is giving you anxiety. It will give you the confidence that success will be yours if you stay the course, reducing your anxiety. This is a form of meditation which is also scientifically known to reduce anxiety.
  4. Helps you reach your goals.
  5. Find your true purpose in life. Doing this will help you understand what you really want out of life. It will help you find your true authentic self and help you grow into your fullest conscious potential.

To easily remember, pin this to your favorite board:


Visualization will help you learn to control your body’s natural reaction to things and will help calm your mind even during the worst of situations. There are so many benefits, I hope you will take advantage of it!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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