Winter Travel Planning Tips

Winter Travel Planning Tips

winter travel planning tips

Another winter season is nearly upon us making me think about getting off of the beach and onto the slopes!

I love this time of year. The festive holiday decorations everywhere, people in cheery moods, chilly evening breezes and cool morning mists calling for boots, sweaters, scarves and hot chocolates!

There is wanderlust in the air, calling us to come play in the majestic snow, sending us somewhere to have a fantastic adventure.

As I have been starting our winter travel planning lately, I thought it would be fun to share 5 travel apps/sites that I am currently using to help inspire and plan our winter travel schedule. You can read about how I use the internet to book my travel here and then check out these great apps that will help you get your winter travel planning going!

Winter Travel Planning Tips

  1. The Weather Channel App – free for all types of phones. I use this app all the time, I don’t start my day without checking it! You can easily put in the address of any location and get their weather for the day and the time of your trip. When winter travel planning, you really need to be aware of the weather before you book anything, especially flights to cold locations. It is important to find out if there are any storm alerts or travel advisories during the dates of your trip so you can be well prepared. The Weather Channel App lets you find that info quickly and easily right on your phone.
  2. Adioso – a website that lets you enter what kind of trip you would like to take (beach, ski etc.) and finds all of the travel deals to different locations. It is great for inspiration. If you want to go skiing but are not sure where to go, check out this site and find out all of the great travel deals out there! Sometimes it is fun to let fate guide your trip!
  3. Ski and Snow Report App by Zumobi – free for all types of phones. This is a great, user friendly app listing the reports from your favorite mountains. You put in which resorts you are interested in and they provide you with up to the moment info on snow base, trail closures and all mountain info. They even have trail maps on there for all of the mountains, which can really come in handy!! 😉
  4. Pinterest – a great social site that will inspire you and allow you to collect all of your family trip info in one place. Whether you pin things from other traveler’s boards or from around the internet, starting a pinterest board for your next family trip will help the planning process, build excitement and serve as a lovely keepsake when you are back.
  5. Winter Survival Kit App – finteree for all types of phones. I have not had to use it, but I have set it all up… just in case. This is an app that stores all of your car info in case you get stuck. They can also pinpoint your location to get you emergency help if need be. If you are headed out on a winter road trip, you should install this or a similar app on your phone just to be safe.

I am so thankful to have access to all of these amazing apps and many more. They truly do make travel that much easier.

By utilizing even a few of these apps, your winter travel planning will be done and it will be wheels up to adventure in no time!

Safe travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx





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