11 Immune Boosting Behaviors That Will Keep You Healthy During The Covid Holidays

11 Immune Boosting Behaviors That Will Keep You Healthy During The Covid Holidays

11 Immune Boosting Behaviors That Will Keep You Healthy During The Covid Holidays

It is always important to look for the positives in life… One silver lining in this current pandemic situation is that with fewer social engagements on the calendar, keeping our immune systems strong will be that much easier this holiday season.

Beginning with taking a commonsense approach to covid, quarantining ourselves and taking care of our mental health during the covid quarantine, we also need to be mindful of our bodies and giving it all of the tools it needs to keep us perfectly healthy. Since we have some extra time on our hands now, here is what we need to do for ourselves, our children and our families to stay nice and healthy all season long.

11 Immune Boosting Behaviors That Will Keep You Healthy During The Covid Holidays

  1. Limit your hard alcohol intake. I have to put this one first, and I’m not going to go crazy and say don’t have it – even though I probably should. But do your best to limit the hard alcohol, unfortunately most of it dulls and slows your immune system, preventing it from keeping you healthy.
  2. Sleep enough. It is during your sleep that your immune system kicks into gear to keep you healthy. You can read more about that here; sleep is essential to having a healthy immune system so make sure you are getting enough sleep.
  3. Rewrite the holiday sweets and junk food urgings. We all know white sugar is like crack for us, it undermines our immune system’s defenses, makes our digestion rot and will keep the bad bacteria in your gut overwhelming the good so it does not work properly. So rewrite your thinking and cravings with healthier options. You can do it!
  4. Be mindful of your digestion – incorporate probiotics any way you can into your meals/snacks. Boost up on magnesium to help your digestion of rich holiday foods.
  5. Have lots of salads with all different kinds of leafy greens. Have fun making various holiday salads and include at most meals to keep good bacteria in your gut happy with immune boosting behaviors.
  6. Juice!! Drink your greens if you can’t eat enough of them. There are some amazing green juices out there that the kids and I love or you can try making your own. Either way, get that good green juice down for a nutritional pick-me-up that will boost your immune system every time.
  7. You are what you eat! Load up on immune-boosting and medicinal foods, be conscious and add them in wherever you can. Here is a list of easy to add immune boosting foods.
  8. Get to know your spices. The winter time is a great time to experiment and get to know the different healing properties of spices and herbs. Start to incorporate them into your diet.
  9. Take regular hot baths and nap enough. Baths will help to de-stress and relax muscles, try adding Epson salts in to really stimulate and open up the blood vessels which is an immune boosting behavior. Making sure you have enough rest so that your body can maintain itself.
  10. Exercise! You need to use your body in order for it to work properly. Even just a 15 minute walk will help your body get the sun, fresh air and movement it needs to keep your body running perfectly.
  11. Take time each day for yourself to meditate, unwind, pray or journal. Whichever you prefer, carving time out each day to take care of yourself mentally is one of the most important immune boosting behaviors. Mind + Body + Soul = You. All equally important and need to be addressed for you to be the healthiest you, you can be!


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