How To Consciously Strengthen Your Immune System

How To Consciously Strengthen Your Immune System


Our bodies are wonderful, magnificent creations with an incredible ability to heal itself. As we become more awakened, this foolish notion that we need chemicals and drugs more than nature and a conscious healthy lifestyle is slowly fading.

Because the truth is, our bodies do have superpowers. And research is continuing every day to prove and show us just how much our bodies can do. All it takes is a little understanding, a little research with trusted resources, and a small investment of your precious time to get yourself right on track!

Why Strengthen Your Immune System?

Our immune systems are responsible for fighting off any and all disease-causing micro-organisms that enter our bodies. They are incredible little things that keep our bodies functioning optimally.

Sounds pretty important, right?

And as with all of the different parts that make us up, there are simple things we can do to support our immune system, strengthen your immune system and keep us as healthy as possible.

How To Conscious Strengthen Your Immune System

  1. Get Sleep. During a deep stage of your sleep, your immune system kicks in to perform its nightly check on all your parts. If you don’t get sleep, your immune system cannot work and therefore all those disease-causing nasties running around in your body will get the best of you, making you sick or causing pain. Read this post on get sleep for more info, but sleep is the number 1 thing needed to strengthen your immune system.
  2. Practice Clean Eating. Many preservatives, sugars and other nasty ingredients from prepacked and premade foods actually have been proven to lower our immune system response times. While eating clean foods, fruits, vegetales, whole grains, nuts, fermented foods or probiotics (this one is super important) healthy fats all work together to support a healthy immune system and a much healthier body. Here’s more on clean eating.
  3. Exercise, at your own pace. Listen to your body, but do what you have to do to get it up and moving at least once a day! Think about it like this. You have a car that you love. Would you keep it covered up sitting in the garage where it will rust and slowly die? Or do you want to rev up that engine, take her out and keep her looking good?! Moderate daily exercise is known to reduce inflammation and promote the healthy turnover of immune cells. Here are some great ideas for exercising, even just taking a walk counts and will strengthen your immune system.
  4. Drink Up!Water that is!! And lots of it! Our bodies mostly consist of water and if we want it to function perfectly, we need to give it what it wants. And that is water. When we don’t drink enough water, we become highly susceptible to illnesses and disease. So it makes sense that drinking plenty of water will strengthen your immune system and keep you feeling all around better.
  5. Manage your stress and anxiety. I know, this one is tough. Life is super stressful which takes it’s toll on our bodies physically. Long-term stress promotes inflammation and imbalances our immune system functions. See my post on tips and tricks to manage your stress and anxiety and start taking steps today to strengthen your immune system while destressing your life!

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The bottom line is there are steps we can be taking to strengthen your immune systems to keep ourselves healthier. They are life-style choices that will not only strengthen your immune system but also help you feel better daily and be the best, most conscious person you can be!


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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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