12 Mother Daughter Day Trip Ideas

12 Mother Daughter Day Trip Ideas

mother daughter day trip ideas

If you are anything like me, it is Friday before I even realize Monday is over! Time flies fast in the parent life and before you know it our kids will be off to university or work or to travel and we will be on to the next phase of our lives – remembering these good ol’ days!

Between play dates, family travel plans, school, work, swimming, tennis, homework… I could go and on… it is hard to find one-on-one time with each child.

As a conscious parent, I know how important this special time alone is. So I schedule one day a month to spend with my daughter and hubby gets father/son time. Likewise I schedule one day a month to be with my son and hubby gets father/daughter time.

To make it even easier, I came up with a list of 12 Mother / Daughter Day Trip Ideas – one for each month starting in January, so we would have something to look forward to. It is a fun list of things you can do with any age daughter to make memories that will last a lifetime.

12 Mother Daughter Day Trip Ideas

1. Spa Day Mother Daughter Day Trip

Ok, you had to know this would be first!! Find an amazing spa that is in the next town over and book yourself and your little in for a day of pampering – be sure to include lunch resi’s, mani/pedis, and massages! Let her have a mimosa (hold the champagne) while you enjoy one and have your pedicures done first! Depending on the time of your apts, spend a little time before or after checking out the town or enjoying a drive together. This is a great time to talk to her about where her true beauty comes from – how smart and funny she is etc.

*If you have a really little little, create a spa day at home for her. Send your mate out and get down to having some serious spa time! You can paint both her toes and yours matching colors (please make sure to use non-   toxic polish!), put on fun bathrobes and make your tub into a spa bath for playing!

2. Museum/Lunch Out Mother Daughter Day Trip

Find a museum within an hour’s drive that neither of you have ever been to and locate a fun place to eat near by. Have fun checking it out and talking about what you just saw over lunch. Ask questions and listen to her answers.

3. Aquarium/Lunch Out Mother Daughter Day Trip

How far away is your nearest aquarium? Make a whole day of it by arriving when the doors open, having a late lunch after then stop for ice cream on the way home! Find out what her favorite animal is, talk about how the different animals are cared for at the aquarium and the responsibilities that we each have to look after the earth and her creatures.

4. Shopping Spree Mother Daughter Day Trip

Who doesn’t love some retail therapy! This one falls in April, a great time to put together your summer wardrobes! Have fun taking your little through your fave stores and seeing what cool things she picks out. Don’t forget to stop someplace fab for lunch and then ask her which store she would like to check out. Ok, this is probably a great day to end with ice cream too!!

5. High Tea at a Tea House Mother Daughter Day Trip

Proper tea houses are popping up everywhere now and are so much fun. Google “Tea Houses Near Me” to find one near you. Call to find out if you need reservations and if so, book it! Have fun getting all dressed up together – take your time doing this – and go have a Big Girl tea party!!! Order it all and enjoy together. This is a great time to talk about manners and being polite in social settings.

6. Beach/Picnic Mother Daughter Day Trip

Whether it is a lake, ocean, river or creek beach, find a patch of sand near you, pack a picnic and head over to it. The more private the better so you two can really connect with each other and nature. Take time to talk about school/friends/favorite activities. This is also a great time to talk about being careful to enjoy nature without leaving anything behind.

7. Volunteer Mother Daughter Day Trip

Find an age-appropriate place to spend a couple of hours giving back. Maybe at the SPCA, a soup kitchen, an elderly folks home, someone in your neighborhood who could use a hand, drive around offering fruit/water to the homeless people you see on the corner. However you enjoy giving back, share that with your daughter then reward yourselves with a lovely lunch spent appreciating the things that you both have.

8. Water Park Mother Daughter Day Trip

Who doesn’t love waterslides? Even if you have toddlers, most places have epic toddler pools that will fascinate them for hours. Bring lunch, towels and sunscreen and have an awesome day playing together!

9. Farm (or farmers market) Mother Daughter Day Trip

As the harvest is almost ready, many farms will open up for kids to come check out. If you don’t have a farm near you, find a farmer’s market to spend the day at with your little. Not only is this a super fun day, but it is a great first introduction into where our food really does come from and can spark some really interesting conversations.

10. Roller skating/Lunch Out Mother Daughter Day Trip

Do you remember doing this with your friends when you were younger? I do! It is a great activity to have a lot of laughs with your little and get some great exercise together! 😉

11. National Park Mother Daughter Day Trip

Pack a picnic, get good footwear on and head to a national park near you for a hike! If you do not have a national park near you, pick your favorite walking spot and make a day of it with your little. Talk about being Thankful and how much you appreciate what you have.

12. Holiday Shopping Mother Daughter Day Trip

SO. MUCH.FUN. My daughter has a knack for gift giving, I love watching her pick things out for other people. Plus I get a great feel for what she is really wanting for the holidays, a win/win!!

What are your favorite Mother Daughter Day Trip Ideas?

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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  1. This is such a cute idea it is not funny. I have twins- a boy and a girl, and I can so use this list

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  2. Love this! Great ideas, I need a mommy daughter date with my little girl soon!

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  3. I love your ideas and will definitely add them in my list to do with my daughter. Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo. Btw, you have a beautiful family.xoxo.

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