20 Conscious Things To Do During Quarantine

20 Conscious Things To Do During Quarantine


With the whole world shut down, we are learning a new way of life. As everyone is recommended to self-quarantine to slow down the spread of Covid-19, an equally distressing problem is on the rise – stir-crazy boredom!

Thank God for the internet, right? At least we can stay connected on this level and share our great ideas on keeping busy, on reinventing our lives, on helping our children cope with this.

We have been keeping pretty busy. Yes, we probably watch a bit too much tv, but hey, the days just got a lot longer being home all day so we are being easy on ourselves! Check out all of the other things we love to do to!

20 Conscious Things To Do During Quarantine

  1. Begin a mediation or prayer practice. Most successful people do this to focus their mind and alleviate stress. Now that we are stuck at home, this a great time for you to learn and begin your practice!
  2. Complete a puzzle or several. Either on your own or as a family. The challenge and the sense of accomplishment will keep you busy for a while!
  3. Start a personal journal. Writing is an incredible outlet, try it and see!
  4. Learn a new language. There are apps and the internet is full of language websites.
  5. Plant a garden. We did this a few weeks before quarantine, not knowing. But it hs literally gotten us through, the planting, the watering, the weeding, the picking, the eating – it is all so good.
  6. Experiment in the kitchen. From cooking competitions to trying new recipes, the kitchen holds hours of fun for everyone!! This is something we have been doing a LOT of. It is fun to take things from the garden, find a recipe and try to make something new.
  7. Start a food journal. Keep track of everything you eat, how much water you drink and the amount of sleep you are getting each night. It will be fascinating to read after about 7 days and will help you learn your habits and what makes you feel good vs not good.
  8. Read that book you have been avoiding. This is a great time to pick up that book and get started.
  9. Take an online class on something you are interested in learning more about. The internet has endless opportunities for online lectures, classes and courses you can do.
  10. Look at silly animal pictures! This always brings a smile and breaks up the day.
  11. Give yourself an at home facial. Male or female, skin is skin and it needs some loving!! Now that we are home, we have more time to take care of ourselves so go ahead and treat yourself to a fun facial at home.
  12. Find a good comedian to watch. We get so caught up in shows and movies we forget that there are lots of comedy segments that will bring us a laugh and help us forget about being home for a while!
  13. Get creative. Google DIY projects and start crafting!
  14. Get out the board games. You know, those dusty boxes in the garage, go get ‘em!! Now that life has slowed down, there is plenty of time to play!
  15. Organize those closets and drawers you have been avoiding.
  16. Play keep it or chuck in your clothing closet and those of your children’s! So fun. Go through everything, repurpose some of it, keep what you like, chuck the rest!
  17. Hand write some letters to family or friends. Take the time to go back in time and write some snail mail! It’s just fun, put stickers, include sparkles, maybe even a little scent…!
  18. Exercise!! We can still go for walks, and there are a ton of exercise videos on Amazon Prime just waiting for you.
  19. Have a dance party. Crank up those tunes and dance like no one can see you (because they can’t because we are at home)!!
  20. Appreciate. I know being home is hard, but look at how comfortable our homes are and how blessed we are to live in a country with so many creature comforts available. Try to see the bright side of things. Adapting a positive mindset will get us all through this!


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