5 Reasons To Have A Destination Thanksgiving

5 Reasons To Have A Destination Thanksgiving

reasons to have a destination thanksgiving

Destination Holidays are always fun. Basking in the sun, gliding down the slopes or exploring some place new with your friends and family is definitely a great way to celebrate.

Thanksgiving is no different, actually, there are a lot of benefits to having a destination Thanksgiving. If you have been looking for a new idea for Thanksgiving this year, or just want another reason to travel, here are

5 Reasons To Have A Destination Thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving is during the shoulder season, which means there are great deals to be had everywhere and travel is cheaper. There are less crowds, great weather and lots of adventures to be had – check out this post on 4 Reasons to Travel During the Shoulder Season for more tips.
  2. A destination Thanksgiving takes the stress out of the holiday and really lets you enjoy. Let’s be honest, most of the day for someone in the family is spent in the kitchen, then the rest of the evening is spent by many cleaning up. Instead, let a resort cook the meal for and entertain you and your family for a change. Or you do the cooking there and let them do the clean up! No prep, no mess, no clean up. Just relaxing fun, good food and your family right there with you. Smiles will be everywhere.
  3. Start a new Thanksgiving tradition, an adventure everyone in the family can look forward to. Since the American Thanksgiving falls on the Thursday of a 4 day weekend, it is the perfect time for a getaway. You can utilize just the four days, or take 3 vacation days to get a 10 day trip. Whether you are thinking big or small, take advantage of the great travel deals offered during this time and get out there and explore this beautiful world!
  4. A destination Thanksgiving will create memories for you and your family that will last forever. Would you rather your Thanksgiving memories all be a blur of parade, football, cooking, food and clean up? Or that epic year you all went to the Caribbean and discovered something new? Family travel gives us cherished memories we can hold dear for a lifetime, traveling during a holiday only makes it that much more special.
  5. A destination Thanksgiving will strengthen your family bond. Family travel takes you all out of your normal routine and makes you work together on a unique level. Each family member has a role to play. Traveling together really brings this out, unifies us and teaches us to work together as a team. Because together, there is nothing we can’t get through. And isn’t that the true meaning of Thanksgiving?

Have you ever done a destination Thanksgiving? Please share in the comments below, I would love to read about your adventures!

Safe travels!

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