10 Reasons to Travel For This Holiday Break

10 Reasons to Travel For This Holiday Break

Family Travel: travel this holiday break

The Holiday Break is right around the corner, most of us with 2 full weeks off to entertain the kids and keep it all together.

I can’t think of a better time to travel… I know, you’re shocked by this!! I’ve encouraged you to try a destination Thanksgiving in the past, today I hope to inspire you to take a family vacation this holiday break.

Check out my 10 reasons to travel for this holiday break.

10 Reasons To Travel For This Holiday Break

  1. To get a break from the cleaning, cooking and taxi driving we do when the kids are home. You know what I am talking about and you know what a palaver it is. Instead wouldn’t it be nice to be relaxing poolside, slopeside, beachside or on deck somewhere?
  2. To create irreplaceable memories. Family travel provides the opportunity to make family memories that you will have to cherish and think about forever. Do you want to remember that holiday break as being so fun spent skiing at NorthStar, or do you want to remember it as just another couple of weeks doing what you always do?
  3. To build a family bond. Family travel connects us with each other in such a unique way. Stepping outside of your regular routine and doing something different together as a family will pull you closer in such a beautiful way.
  4. To have an adventure. Let’s be honest, we all need one every now and again!Family Travel: 10 Reasons to Travel this Holiday Break
  5. To fall in love again. There is something magical about traveling during the holidays, the air is just different everywhere. A trip during the holiday break let’s you fall in love with your family again, even if you never fell out! Love is in the air and is everywhere!
  6. A holiday family vacation makes a great gift. Just sayin… 😉
  7. To begin the New Year rested, relaxed and refreshed. Taking a trip during the holiday break let’s you have time to be different, to think, to relax; all leaving you fresh and ready to take on a New Year.
  8. To explore. Go explore something new, learn with your kids, you will have a blast while becoming a more conscious parent!
  9. To take advantage of the great travel deals available. Especially if you are willing to travel on the holiday, flights are cheaper with more room, rooms and less expensive and you get better options.
  10. To appreciate. There is nothing like taking a family vacation to learn that you have so much to appreciate in your everyday life and in each other.

What are your great reasons to travel for the holiday break this year?

Cheers and safe travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx


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