Part 1 of the 12 Reasons to Travel With Your Children Series

Part 1 of the 12 Reasons to Travel With Your Children Series



Traveling with children is amazing on so many levels. Yet most people are so afraid of it.

Malibu Mama Loves to travel with my kids. I will be launching the series Mama Loves Family Travel in 2015 to show just how beneficial travel is to children and just how easy and fun it can be to travel with your children.

But first I want to share with you my 12 Reasons to Travel With Your Children – a 4 part series.

Here are the first 3 Reasons to Travel With Your Children:

1st Reason to Travel With Your Children

The educational value. This, alone, is invaluable. Countless studies show most of us learn better by experience. How amazing to be able to raise your hand in school and say I actually saw the Statue of Liberty or have been to Plymouth Plantations or the South American Rain-forests?! Children naturally associate their home life as the ‘normal rest of the world’. Travel shows them that there is way more to life than just your backyard. #Travel helps educate our children on THEIR habitat, our world – past, present and future. Travel helps shape our children into who they will be. In 20 years they may have forgotten that trip to the shore in the summer of whatever BUT they will have an innate love for the beach and ocean. They will feel relaxed there because they learned from a very early age that the shore was a fun place where everybody laughed and played. They may not remember all of the trips they took before the age of 10, but they will walk confidently into any room now because their parents cared enough to travel with them unintentionally making them develop relationships with tons of new people giving them the confidence to do whatever they want. Your child also probably won’t remember their teacher talking about the where the Mayflower landed or the rain-forests in South America but I guarantee you, if they are over the age of 5, going to someplace that we learn about in school and being able to share that experience with your teachers and friends is a MASSIVE advantage and WILL be remembered!

2nd Reason to Travel With Your Children

Move Slower and Plan – this is a good thing! You will have to cover less territory in more time so this will force you to get to know one place better as well as reduces your travel burnout. Having to pack and unpack and catch a train, then a bus, then a car, then a plane, gets tiring. But stopping in one town or resort for a week can be fun and rejuvenating for everyone, as long as it is well planned.

3rd Reason to Travel With Your Children

Experience more local love! You will get a whole different view of the place you travel with your children to. Children have this amazing ability to just start giggling together with complete strangers and begin playing, which generally leads to parent interaction and then you get to find out the good stuff! Most parents are excited to share local activities with other parents so don’t be afraid to ask! Local kids’ activities are a great way to get some genuine local flavor and really get to know the town/resort you are visiting.

There are so many great reasons to travel with your children, this is just the beginning! Tomorrow I will post part 2!

Til then, start thinking about a place you have always wanted to visit or a special place you would really like to show your children.

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


To get your little one started right in your own living room – check this out:

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