5 Reasons to be Thankful this Holiday Season

5 Reasons to be Thankful this Holiday Season

5 reasons to be thankful this holiday season

The holidays are once again upon us. For many, this time of year is bittersweet.

Happiness is a choice, as is enjoying this holiday season. So here is what I choose to focus on during this super busy time of year.

5 Reasons to be Thankful this Holiday Season

#1 of 5 Reasons to be Thankful this Holiday Season

Our family. Families come in all shapes and sizes with a few nuts sprinkled in there somewhere. But no matter what kind of family you have – parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents, step parents, a foster family – they are your best support system. They will catch you every time you fall and encourage you (or kick you in the butt) until you are back on your feet. No matter how crazy they can be, they are there. And I am so thankful for every member of my family.

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We live in a country where food is readily available. No matter what our income level, there is food available to us. But for 860 million other people in the world, it is not. They will go hungry today and hope to find something tomorrow but probably won’t. I am thankful that I was born into a country where I can eat whatever I would like as often as I would like. This is something to be truly appreciative of.

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Our education. Knowledge is power and can never be taken away from you. Knowledge is also a luxury that many people in this world will never get to have. I am thankful that in America, education (on every level) is available to all – if we choose it. We have some of the best institutions available, we have public schools open for all and vocational schools for those who are gifted with a particular ability or want to learn a specific skill. I feel so blessed to have access to all of these opportunities to grow, learn and help better our communities.

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Our health. Though our country is in grave physical condition, there are doctors and healthy individuals out there to help us get our health back on travel when we need it. We have access to some of the best doctors and medical facilities available. I am so thankful for this.

#5 of 5 Reasons to be Thankful this Holiday Season

Our freedom. We are Americans! We live in the greatest country in the world with resources readily available to us. I am so thankful to my ancestors (and yours) who fought for our right to be who we want to be, wear what we want to wear, love who we want to love, believe what we want to believe and travel freely. I may not always agree with our President or some laws that are still in effect for today, but I am soo thankful to be born into and live in the greatest, strongest country in the world. I am thankful for my freedoms that I know people in other countries do not have.

So when that moment happens (and I know it will) where you wonder what the heck you are doing and why you would invite your entire family over for a holiday party, think of this list and remember just how lucky you really are. And take a second to be thankful for what you do have and for all of those crazy people in your house, your life would not be as colorful without them!!

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