7 Ways How to Start Choosing Happiness Today

7 Ways How to Start Choosing Happiness Today

how to starting choosing happiness today

Thanks to the Science of Happiness and all of the research that has been done, it is now safe to say that Happiness is a choice.

We make choices every day that affect our happiness levels, whether we realize it or not.

Confused? If you are able to stay cool even when scared, stressed or angry; if you are able to ask for help when you need it; if you are able to laugh when crying, then YOU CAN get yourself into a much happier state of mind.  And even if you can’t do these things yet, I am here to help you through it!

Here are 7 Ways to Start Choosing Happiness Today

#1 Way How To Start Choosing Happiness Today

Choose to love yourself and to do your best at everything you try. Our happiest times come when we have self-satisfaction over knowing we did our best at what we have accomplished. Instead of trying to be better than your neighbor, focus on doing the best that YOU can and acknowledge what a special person you are. Try comparing yourself to an earlier version of yourself to see how far you have grown as opposed to comparing yourself to your neighbor. Truly love the amazing person that you are.

#2 Way How To Start Choosing Happiness Today

Choose to keep the right company. This is so important and something that I try to teach my children young. Who we surround ourselves with has a huge impact on our happiness levels.  And it is ok to not be friends with (or walk away from) someone who is dragging you down. This is a very hard and tricky lesson for some of us to learn, I had to. But once I figured it out and surrounded myself with likeminded individuals, the possibilities are endless!!

 #3 Way How To Start Choosing Happiness Today

Choose to appreciate what you already have. If you are constantly wanting the next great thing, you will never be satisfied. Instead, spend some time appreciating what you already do have and watch that happiness spread through you like a ray of sunshine!

#4 Way How To Start Choosing Happiness Today

Choose a good attitude. If you think today is going to be bad than it will be. But if you think today will be good than it will be. You Choose.

Happiness tip: ditch the idea in your mind that everything has to perfect. Why? Because that makes us focus on where we have gone instead of the super exciting where are we going question. And you can choose to do this, I promise. Try pretending that the rest of your day is good, right now. Keep that attitude and I bet you today turns into a good day!

 #5 Way How To Start Choosing Happiness Today

Choose to learn about your body and to be healthy. Take care of yourself and your health – without it you have nothing. Don’t trust the TV, take the time to learn what your body needs and functions are. Did you know a small little act like smiling more will make you feel happier? Yup, smiling more often sends a message to your brain that you are happy and your brain then releases the feel-good endorphins that make you happier. Such a small act can affect us in such a great way, it is amazing how it all works!

#6 Way How To Start Choosing Happiness Today

Choose to forgive and move on. Letting go can be hard, as can entering the next path on our journey. But carrying bags and fighting will not bring happiness. Forgiving, accepting who we are and where we are will bring more happiness to you than you can imagine. If someone or something has been holding you back, spend the rest of today making peace with it and tomorrow CHOOSE to wake up and find something exciting a new to focus on.

#7 Way How To Start Choosing Happiness Today

Be honest and be kind. Start with being honest with yourself and go from there. Be understanding with others and honest about what you can/will do. Honesty and kindness are two easy choices you can make every day to get you on the path to happiness.

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Author: malibumamaloves

I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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