5 Reasons To Plan A Destination Holiday Vacation Today!

5 Reasons To Plan A Destination Holiday Vacation Today!


Thanksgiving is right around the corner with Christmas and New Year’s quick behind it. Also, the 2-week vacation our kids get from school comes with it, providing the perfect opportunity for a trip! A destination holiday vacation is the best.

Have you ever thought about a destination Thanksgiving or Christmas and New Year’s trip? My family and I love taking this time to travel and celebrate together, it makes for a very different type of holiday season! Continue reading to find out why…

5 Reasons To Plan A Destination Holiday Vacation Today

  1. The cleaning, the cooking, the laundry, the cleaning (oops, did I already mention that one?!). Staying home for the holidays is a lovely thought, but the reality of that is a TON of work. Cleaning for company, making large holiday meals, picking up after the kids all day, the list goes on and on. Doesn’t sound very relaxing does it? Instead, book some time in an all-inclusive resort and let them take care of all of you for a bit! You deserve to enjoy the holidays too!!
  2. A central location for everyone to meet at. Many families live far apart now, making it tricky to come together for the holidays. Booking a destination holiday gives everyone one spot to gather in without overwhelming any particular family member. It gives everyone something to get excited about and look forward to. Plus it takes everyone out of their regular environment and provides multiple distractions to keep things running without any bumps!
  3. It is a festive time to travel. Everyone, everywhere is celebrating in some way. The decorations are amazing, the giving spirit is live and well and the activities and festivals are plentiful. Plus may resorts offer incredible packages and deals for this time period. It really is a great time to get out there and experience something new.
  4. Create memories that will last a lifetime. Material things come and go and often can be quickly forgotten. But the memories you make on a destination holiday vacation will stay with you forever, right until your last breath, providing joy and happiness as you remember the trip.
  5. Focuses you on what is truly important. Family. Laughter. Exploring. Learning. Growing. Experiencing. All together as a family.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, there is one more important aspect to planning a destination holiday vacation. That is how healing travel is. It is so healing and beneficial to our mental health that I wrote an entire post on it! You can read that here.

And then start planning your destination holiday vacation today, you will be so glad you did!!


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