5 Ways to Make Today Awesome

5 Ways to Make Today Awesome

ways to make today awesome

Just as the infinity symbol is never-ending, each moment brings a NEW beginning!

Isn’t that great news? That means that the rest of your day will be defined by what you choose to do right now. So in this moment, right now, choose to have a great day!

No worries if you need a little encouragement – I got you!

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Make Today Awesome!

#1 Ways to Make Today Awesome

Let the future be your focus, let go of the past. Here’s the bad news… you can’t turn time back, so why are you holding onto something that you can’t change? Consciously let go of what you can’t change and instead focus on what you can change. Focus on how you can move forward being the best person you can be.

#2 Ways to Make Today Awesome

Be open to life’s little mysteries. It is ok not to know exactly where you are going every second of every day. Things happen for a reason and sometimes it takes a while to connect the dots. Try to see the magic in life’s experiences, instead of the pain. Choose to be positive.

#3 Ways to Make Today Awesome

Get that dusty to-do list you avoid out and check ONE thing off! Even getting one thing we dodge done can give us quite the feeling of accomplishment and can burn off some frustration from previous experiences. Give it a try!!

#4 Ways To Make Today Awesome

Talk or spend time with a friend who inspires you talking about all of the good things in life.  Appreciate together. Challenge each other, be honest with each other and grow together. We all have that one (or more if we are lucky) friend that will push us while totally cheering us up. Reach out, connect and motivate each other to choose happiness.

#5 Ways To Make Today Awesome

Spread a smile! Not only is there a lot of science backing me up saying that just a smile can turn your day around (endorphins being released and all) but it just feels good to smile more, right?! So, go give yourself a smile in mirror right now and choose to have a happy rest of your day! Then smile at at least 10 people you pass either in your office or outside (in a safe area!!). Have fun spreading the smile and seeing just how contagious your smile really is…!!!

Have a peaceful and productive day – you can if you choose to!!

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