7 Simple Hacks to Creating a Conscious Morning Routine for You

7 Simple Hacks to Creating a Conscious Morning Routine for You

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Written by: Evelyn Kail

Edited by: Malibu Mama Loves

It is everyone’s goal to have a productive and fun day. Being productive means getting the work done in the most effective way, in the fastest time possible and always leaves us feeling strong. To be able to achieve that goal, you need to have the right mindset, and the right conscious morning routine!

Mornings are the most important part of the day, for so many reasons. Your mood in the morning will affect your mood for the entire day. Of course, there will always be bad hair days and such things as waking up on the wrong side of the bed, but if you have a conscious morning routine that sets you in a positive mood, you will be able to easily shake off all of those negative morning vibes.

7 Simple Hacks to Creating a Conscious Morning Routine

Wake up early.

There is nothing like waking up early as the sun rises to begin your conscious morning routine. As they say, the early bird catches the worm. When you wake up early, you will have enough time to do what you need to before heading off to work. Waking up late will make you cranky because then you will need to be in a rush. There is nothing more fun than starting your day in a relaxed manner and waking up early enough will help.

Work out.

Get that body moving! Whether you hit the local gym or your home gym (or even your living room), a good sweat in the morning will keep your body fit and ready for the day’s grind. Hit the treadmill while watching your favorite morning show or go for a jog while listening to an inspiring podcast. You could also do some stretching, sit-ups, bending, or jogging in place. Your best workout motivation is to have a fit and healthy body which leads to success throughout your day starting with your conscious morning routine.

Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast.

This is better said than done when everyone seems to be in a rush in the morning and more relaxed at night. A lot of people just have coffee and toast for breakfast. Having a full healthy breakfast will get you ready to face a full day by putting you in a good mood.

Take a hot shower.

Morning showers rejuvenate us. It is always a great way to start your conscious morning routine feeling refreshed. Being in the shower in the morning gives you that relaxed and alert feeling you need to kick start your day.

Listen to good music.

Listening to music can affect your mood. Make listening to music part of your conscious morning routine. Happy music will place you in a better mood for the day. Keep the calm, mellow and soft music for the night when you are trying to unwind from a stressful day.

Reinforce your goals.

Reinforcing your goals at the start of your day will keep you motivated to go about with your daily tasks. One way to do this is to stick a list of your goals or perhaps a picture in your bathroom or dressing room mirror. If your goal is to buy a new car by the end of the year, stick a photo of that dream car in the mirror and look at it during your conscious morning routine everyday. Seeing that car every morning will keep you motivated to strive and get it!

Think positive and appreciate.

There is no best way to set the mood for the day than to think positive in the morning and spend a few minutes appreciating what you have. Make it part of your daily routine to smile to yourself when you are shaving or putting on your make-up and say encouraging things to yourself. Make it a habit too, to smile to everyone you meet on your way to work. If you are in for a hectic day, simply say to yourself, “I can do it!”.

Your conscious morning routine will dictate what your day is going to be like. Fill your morning with negativity and most likely your day will be filled with negative vibes. Jumpstarting your day with a positive conscious morning routine and your mood will be filled with positive vibes. A morning filled with positive and fun-filled rituals will make you happy and productive for the entire day.

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What are your conscious hacks for starting your day off right?

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