6 Common Skincare Mistakes That No Conscious Beauty Should Ever Make

6 Common Skincare Mistakes That No Conscious Beauty Should Ever Make

Common Skincare Mistakes

Summer has just ended and so too must our time for being slack with our skincare. From getting too much sun, to not washing our faces enough (or too much from so much swimming), to not changing our sheets enough, summer time can wreak havoc on our skin!

So, with fall well under way, it is time to focus back on our skincare and treating ourselves well. Check out how bad these 8 common skincare mistakes are for your skin and how you can easily get back on track and atone for all of your skincare sins!

6 common skincare mistakes that no conscious beauty should ever make.

Using the same products all year long. It is better to eat seasonal foods, right? We need to wear different types of clothes for different seasons, right? Doesn’t it make sense we should change up our skincare products seasonally too? Each season affects our skin differently. Winter months tend to be drier, so a heavier moisturizer is called for. Summer is a more oily, hot time, so a lighter moisturizer with a higher spf. You know your skin, treating it seasonally may clear up your complexion even more. Listen to your body and change your products accordingly.

Washing your face too little or too much. As with everything in life, your skincare needs balance. Over washing will strip your skin of it’s much needed natural oil forcing our bodies to produce more of it which just makes our skin look oily and greasy, while under washing will leave clogged pores and bacteria building up leading to disaster. You want to make sure all of your make-up has been removed each night before bed. No need to go overboard, your skin should not be irritated from washing your face nightly before bed. A gentle cleanser or exfoliant removing all make-up is best.

Smoking. Yuck, it’s gross and just because of that you shouldn’t. But if you do, know that you are also causing yourself premature wrinkles, dull skin, flaky, dry skin – you are aging yourself faster so stop! You are worth it, your skin will thank you!

Caffeine. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but if you are and you are prone to breakouts, coffee could be the cause. The amount of caffeine in it affects our hormones which in turn affects our oil production by raising it. So go easy during breakouts or if you feel yourself getting greasy, try tea instead! 😉

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Conscious Beauty: 6 common skincare mistakes

Using non-mineral make-up. I’m hoping there are not too many people out there commiting this skincare sin anymore, chemicals are really bad. Not only is mineral make-up healthier for our earth and our bodies, but it also looks 10x better and more natural. It has a very light feel to it and does not settle into any lines or wrinkles no matter how long you wear it for. For more conscious beauty make-up tips + where to shop click Conscious Beauty.

Not changing your sheets enough. I know during the summer, it’s easy to procrastinate changing your sheets. But here is why you need to be diligent about changing your sheets regularly. Sheets trap the bacteria from the skin and build-up from the lotions and treatments we use. If they do not get cleaned, all of that is wiping right back over you as you sleep and move around at night. So it is best to at least get them cleaned weekly.

Are you guilty of any of these skincare sins?!

I know I am! Let’s get back on track together! Share in the comments what you are doing to treat yourself well today!

Cheers Gorgeous!

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