My Conscious Beauty #Ever30Challenge

My Conscious Beauty #Ever30Challenge

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To be a conscious beauty is simply to awaken.

To wake up and realize what is really going on with our bodies and our world, to be aware of what happens because of our actions.

My journey to becoming a conscious beauty has been incredible. At first it was scary and I was so thankful to be alive once I discovered the truth about a lot of the foods we eat and products we use. But instead of panicking, I researched, learned, and made the necessary changes.

It is like I just feel lighter now. I can breathe better, think clearer and truly live. And I want to share these feelings with you!

I am 18 days into my #Ever30Challenge and it is going really well. The Ever Skincare line from Stella & Dot is an all-natural skincare regimen that I am putting to the test. You can see my morning routing here and my nighttime routine & goals here.

So far I have noticed a reduction in my dark circles as well as my skin is unquestionably hydrated, soft and smooth.

conscious beauty ever30challenge

I love the Ever Skincare Luminous Nutrient Rich Cleansing Balm the most out of this line. You only need a tiny bit for it to deliver a hydrating clean like no other!

Our skin soaks up most of the toxins/chemicals that it comes into contact with, so it is super important to use a skincare line that is safe and all-natural.

Ever Skincare rates a 4 or below on the EWG scale and so far, is really delivering results. It is great to know that I am using a chemical-free, natural product that does not hurt our earth and gives me the results that I want.

There are other ways to be a conscious beauty too – learn to be aware of what you are eating, check the quality of your water, change your household cleaners, exercise more, listen to your body, begin a yoga/meditation practice, travel more, appreciate and get enough sleep are all great places to start also.

Just by starting to be aware of yourself, how you affect your surroundings and how your surroundings affect you, you are on the path to conscious living. Understanding that we are all connected and that each cause has an effect and being honest with yourself is the next step. We will talk more about this in the upcoming weeks.

Have fun on your journey to being a conscious beauty and be easy on yourself. Learn at your own pace.

After all, conscious living is about awakening in your own way!

If you want to join me in my #Ever30Challenge click here to find Bianca Sanderson, one of the few Founding Star Specialists with Ever Skincare – she will be happy to help!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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